By Robert Rose published January 14, 2022

You Could Build a Content Strategy While ‘Flying’ It – But Here’s a Better Way [Rose-Colored Glasses]

Are you trying to build your plane while flying it?

I don’t know where that phrase originated, but a 22-year-old advertising campaign from Fallon for digital consulting firm EDS helped popularize it. The comical TV and print ad showed people assembling an airliner in the air and testifying to how much they love their jobs.

The ad’s tagline explained the point – that EDS could help you “build your digital business even while you’re up and running.”

Fallon created the ad as part of an integrated campaign with two other funny videos: Cat Herders, about managing the complexity of digital business, and Running With the Squirrels, which claimed EDS could help legacy businesses compete like disruptive startups.

But the “building the plane while flying it” metaphor endures in digital strategy, and it’s usually invoked when established processes or procedures change.

These days, it feels like companies are building a whole lot of airplanes.Continue Reading

By Ann Gynn published January 13, 2022

How’d You Make That Flipping Awesome B2B Content for ServiceNow?

Speeds, feeds, and awesome AI.

Many tech marketers emphasize those angles to talk about how great their products are, says Richard McGill Murphy, editor-in-chief and director, ServiceNow.

But ServiceNow approaches it differently. The company’s editorial site Workflow launched in 2018 to engage C-level audiences with ideas rather than products. By focusing on emerging tech and business strategy for C-suite leaders, the content covers “technology in the service of people rather than the other way around,” Richard explains.

Since then, Workflow has become a content program in the truest sense: content, data science, distribution, on-site experimentation, and agile publishing practices come together to benefit the company.Continue Reading

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