By Tom Treanor published June 24, 2015

Expand Your Publishing Reach on LinkedIn and Medium


If you publish content on your website to reach new prospects, you may wonder how else you can find new audiences. We look at the benefits of publishing content on LinkedIn and Medium, and offer three bonus tips on how to produce more content with minimal time.

Publishing on LinkedIn

If you can publish content on your LinkedIn profile, then you have a powerful way to ensure that your contacts see your latest content. To find out if you can publish content to your LinkedIn profile, log in and look for this on your Home page.

linkedin-publishing-option-screenshot 1

If you don’t have it yet, you will likely have to wait until it’s rolled out to your account. Alternatively, you could contact support to see if they can enable your account for publishing.

Click on the option to publish a post. LinkedIn offers more detail about long-form posts on its publishing platform.

There are two main benefits of publishing content directly on LinkedIn:

  • Your first-degree connections are notified.
  • Your post can be featured on LinkedIn’s Pulse channels in a relevant category.

Let’s talk first about first-degree connections.

LinkedIn-Pulse-screenshot-image 2

New post notifications are opt-out only for the time being, so your first-degree connections will receive notification through the LinkedIn website or app when you publish your first post.

You need to make your first LinkedIn post great. Offering great content is a must, and the headline is extremely important, as it will either encourage people to click to read your post or to turn off notifications about your future posts.

The key to making your content valuable is knowing who your connections are or knowing which ones you want to reach. For example, if your customers are CEOs in the marketing industry, then make sure you create posts with that profile in mind.

On the other hand, if you just want to make sure your content gets the most exposure possible, you will want to cater to the major commonalities among your first-degree connections. Start by going directly to LinkedIn’s people search.

linkedin-people-search-screenshot 3

In the sidebar, use search filters to see where the majority of your contacts are located and in what industries they belong.

linkedin-people-search-results-screenshot 4

LinkedIn Premium members can see the groups to which their first-degree connections belong, job functions, and seniority levels.

All of these can help you determine what kind of content to create to appeal to the majority of your first-degree connections. You can’t cater to everyone, but you can make sure that the majority of your first-degree connections like your first and subsequent posts.

The second benefit is that your content can be featured in LinkedIn’s Pulse, which is a digest of top posts – typically by category – as selected by LinkedIn. The categories include entrepreneurship & small business, marketing & advertising, productivity, leadership & management, recruiting & hiring, careers, and big ideas & innovation.

To access Pulse from your profile, go to Interests and then click Pulse.

linkedin-pulse-digest-screenshot 5

You’ll see the collection of featured posts as well as their categorization.

linkedin-pulse-categorization-screenshot 6

To get selected as a featured post in a category, choose a topic that fits squarely into a category, provide great educational content, select an appealing picture, and add relevant tags to the bottom of your post. Selection of featured posts by LinkedIn can happen quickly (sometimes within minutes of publishing, from my experience).

See the tags and the featured designation at the bottom of this post, below.

linkedin-publishing-tags-screenshot 7

To select topics, it can be helpful to see what type of content does well on LinkedIn as a whole. You can run this search on BuzzSumo to find out.

linkedin-top posts-buzzsumo-search-image 8


Medium is a blogging platform that uses minimalist design to focus on high-quality content. It’s free to use – you just sign in with your Twitter or Facebook account when you have blog content to publish. You even get a free statistics dashboard to see the impact of your posts, referred to as stories.

medium-screenshot-image 9

Unlike your own blogging platform, Medium recommends other stories published on the site. Therefore, your stories have the chance to get a lot more exposure than if you publish it on your own website.

One great benefit of publishing content on Medium is viral social sharing. The top post published on LinkedIn within the last year had 100,000 shares. The top stories on Medium have more than 300,000 shares.

buzzsumo-medium-top share-image 10

Aside from the potential of going viral, you also can grow an audience of followers on Medium that are interested in your content. Your followers will see your latest content when they log in to their Medium accounts and browse their home newsfeed.

Bonus: 3 tips for content creators with minimal time

You likely are asking yourself how you are supposed to create content for all of these channels and your own blog? For those who do not have the time to create unique content for multiple channels, there are a few options.

  1. Republish your own content. Some authors republish their content from one site to another, with credit to the original site.

republish-content-example-image 11

  1. Change the length. If you have a massive 2,000-word post on your blog, you can summarize it as a post on LinkedIn, and then link to your original post for traffic value.
  1. Write related content. Let’s say that you’re writing a post about how to use Facebook ads on your own blog. You can write a related post about how to use Facebook Power Editor to submit to another publication, and find a way to link to the original post on your own blog as a reference.

Grow your reach by publishing on other sites

If you follow these tips, you will be able to get more mileage out of the content you create so you can get added value from multiple channels.

Find more tips for using LinkedIn and Medium and other platforms to increase the impact of your content. Read our Content Marketer’s Guide to Social Media Survival: 50+ Tips.

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Author: Tom Treanor

Tom Treanor is the Director of Content Marketing at Wrike, which helps marketing teams around the globe manage their high-priority projects and collaborate more effectively. He has deep experience in content marketing and social media marketing. To stay in touch, connect with him on Twitter @RtMixMktg.

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  • Carl

    Hi Tom. very interesting article. Do you know if there is risks of negative SEO impact by duplicating content from your blog to medium/linkedin?

    • Tom Treanor

      Carl. It’s possible to have the LinkedIn version outrank a version on your site, especially if you post it in a similar time frame. I’m sure SEO pros can also chime in on that. Even with that risk, I still sometimes repost (or even start with LI and post to my site) because LinkedIn has the potential to hit another audience (my connections there, being featured, etc.) so I take into account those non-SEO positives before posting.

      • George

        Hi Tom, I think the greater risk with reposting the same exact content from your blog to LinkedIn/Medium is a possible duplicate content penalty from Google. Overtime, if a lot of your content is duplicated on other websites, Google is going to look at your domain as not unique and possibly devalue the entire domain. This is what the Panda updates address. I doubt that would happen if you do it here and there but I’d be careful with going overboard.

        • Arnie Kuenn

          I don’t totally agree with that view. Most duplicate content issues (and especially the type Panda is looking for) are on your own site. After many, many SEO audits, that is the #1 problem we find.

          Off-site duplicate content can be an issue too, but I would put it WAY low on your list. Good sites like CMI’s are constantly being scraped for its content by blackhat webmasters. This happens to our website every day by multiple scrapers. So the search engines understand that much of the offsite duplicate content is out of your control.

          To be very safe, my advice would be to wait a couple weeks before publishing your content on other channels like LinkedIn or Medium. What really matters is measuring whether or not these sites are ultimately working for you. Are they sending you traffic? Conversions? And so on.

    • Rob TheGenie Toth

      I’m relaying merely my “textbook knowledge” and the hearsay of friends who are very established (and well paid) SEO pros… duplicate content penalties are real, but they exist to protect against those who look to take one piece of content and spam the internet with it.

      Just because you’re one article has a secondary instance here and there, (exactly as George also mentioned), Google won’t be coming after you.

      Keep it ethical and keep it natural. Blasting your content uncreatively everywhere is a move of desperation and lack of imagination (or proper content/asset syndication counsel). But that doesn’t mean a single piece of premium content can’t appear on more than one site. Just don’t be the “abuser” of the net and Google will likely give you the pass.

  • Aoife O’Carroll

    This is an excellent article. You provide clear, actionable advice for those of us with little voices in the big, noisy world of content. Thank you, Tom.

    • Tom Treanor

      Thanks @aoifeocarroll:disqus. Posting content on sites that have built in social and distribution capabilities can get your ideas in front of a larger audience. Good luck!

  • Tom Treanor

    I’m glad I could provide some new tips @disqus_J0c0sWyqt0:disqus

  • Seasia Infotech

    It is a great article.You explained very well Tom as it seems knowledgeable to people who are new to this field.Thanks Tom.

    • Tom Treanor

      Hi Seasia. I’m glad I could give you some ideas for your content marketing.

  • Rob TheGenie Toth

    Great reminder for everyone to publish on established networks as well (vs just their own platforms)… but it’s worth clarifying this:

    “The top post published on LinkedIn within the last year had 100,000 shares. The top stories on Medium have more than 300,000 shares.”

    It depends on the nature of your content.

    LI is a business network. Not made up of the same share-happy crowds the general interest (or B2C) sites are.

    It’s natural to expect fewer shares for an article on webpage optimization, thought leadership, tips on hiring staff, fundraising than on 8 foods that are slowly killing you, is religion pointless, who will win the world race to Mars colonization, how micro-bots will help us all live to age 300 …

    But if you’re looking to reach the business crowd and your content is indeed on “tips on hiring staff”, LI is more likely to pull you revenue generating attention than Medium would (especially since that same article would more or less flop on Medium).

    In short, let’s not forget to match the medium to the message.

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  • Tap Analytic

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