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Why You Need a Content Marketing Mission Statement

Published: 2012-10-06

A business needs a content marketing mission statement. It keeps a company’s reason for existence and goals top-of-mind for both colleagues and customers. Here are examples of companies who keep theirs front and center, so everyone knows why they do what they do. Continue reading

A Content Marketing Mission Statement: The Ultimate Competitive Advantage?

Published: 2010-12-20

As you read this piece, think of Jerry McGuire and his mission statement. I have something important to say, but I’m not really sure of the direction (yet). I’m a regular reader of Jason Calicanis’ enewsletter on technology and new product … Continue reading

Stock 2.0: What Savvy Marketers Need to Know About the Changing Rules of Visual Content

Published: 2017-12-12

Perfectly posed stock photos won’t cut it anymore. Here’s what’s changed in the world of visual content and how your content strategy needs to evolve to keep up. Continue reading

The Murky World of Influencer Marketing: How Non-Disclosure Can Hurt Your Brand

Published: 2017-12-08

If consumers are skeptical toward brands talking about themselves, fire up the social media machine and get more trusted and relatable influencers talking about you. But wait, what about those transparency and disclosure rules? Continue reading

Education as a Marketing Strategy: 8 Brands Doing Online Classes and More

Published: 2017-12-05

Marketers often create and distribute educational content through a blog, white paper or how-to video. However, some brands develop full-fledged online and in-person classes and curricula. Look at what eight diverse brands are doing. Continue reading

This Week in Content Marketing: Why Won’t CMOs Consider Buying Media Companies?

Published: 2017-11-25

We discuss potential purchasers for Fox and Disney, and a disturbing web content trend. Our rants and raves include net neutrality and audio content; then we sign off with an example of the week that’s been 210 weeks in the making. Continue reading

11 Insightful Content Marketing Books From 2017 for Newcomers and Seasoned Pros

Published: 2017-11-19

Are you a content marketing newcomer? Are you an experienced content marketer? Or perhaps you’re an innovator, renegade, or visionary? Ready to grow your thinking? This curated, detailed review of the most relevant books can help. Continue reading

17 Questions to Break Free From Competitive Content Issues

Published: 2017-11-14

Is your content focus “niche enough” for success? How do you know? CMI founder Joe Pulizzi shares a two-question litmus test, plus questions to help you craft a great niche where your content stands out for your core audience. Continue reading

An Easy-to-Apply Framework to Build Your (New or Mature) Content Marketing Team

Published: 2017-11-13

Here’s a dirty little secret: Regardless of your content marketing know-how, your program will only work if you have the right people to implement it. How do you do that? Start with this new framework for content marketers. Continue reading

Building Your Content Marketing Team? 14 Skills for New, Growing, and Mature Programs

Published: 2017-11-09

Who do you need on your content marketing team to make it successful? Let’s take a step back and first look at what skill areas your content marketing team must cover – for the young, growing, or mature content marketing operations. Continue reading