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Coming Soon: Digital Analytics Association Content

The DAA closed its doors in May. But we're working hard to bring many of its helpful content resources to you. Check back in a few weeks to see what's available.

Analytics and Data

To justify an investment in content marketing, executive stakeholders expect quantifiable proof of the valuable returns the business receives from its content marketing investment. To provide that proof, marketers need organization-wide alignment on which content goals and objectives to prioritize and an effective strategy for measuring, analyzing, and reporting performance.

Learn which content marketing metrics to track, how to accurately interpret analytics data, and effective ways to turn audience insights into increased content ROI.

An old marketing metric is back in a new way for 2024. Robert Rose explains why it’s hot once again – and how you can start tracking it.

Editor's Picks

5 Content Marketing Measurement Don’ts (and What To Do Instead)

Imagine you could prove content marketing’s long-term value in a way the CFO would understand. Avinash Kaushik, formerly of Google, is working to make it possible. For now, he shares five tips to make your metrics more relevant today.

23 Measurement Definitions Every Content Marketer Should Know

While content marketers may recognize terms related to content measurement, it’s easy to confuse their distinctions. Read on for explanations of 23 common measurement terms and how they fit into your content’s performance strategy.

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