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Are Podcasts Listeners Tuning Out? 🙉

Podcast listening fell from its 2021 peak, according to the Infinite Dial 2022 report from Edison Research. Does that mean the format’s on its way out? Not necessarily, says Robert Rose. But how you approach your podcast may need to change. 

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Aired: April 8, 2022

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Hello everybody, Robert Rose here with the news. It’s what’s new – but more importantly, it’s what’s important in the world of Content Marketing. It’s the news you need to lead in the practice of content marketing and content strategy.

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The one item in the news this week is all about asking if you’re listening.

Edison Research, the remarkable research company, recently released its Infinite Dial 2022 report. Every year, Edison has produced the longest-running study of consumer media usage and behaviors in the United States. Since 1998, Edison’s Infinite Dial report has covered everything from streaming audio to social media – and now podcasting.

This is a must-read for any content marketing leader. This year is no exception, and there are some very interesting results here.

When it comes to podcasting, the report notes there’s a significant increase in the percentage of Americans over the age of 12 who have at least tried a podcast at some point in their lives. The report found that 177 million Americans – roughly the same number of Americans that used Facebook last year – have tried a podcast.

However, and perhaps most interesting for this year’s study, for the first time in a decade, the growth of podcasting may or may not have hit a bump in the road. Edison’s other quarterly study (Share of Ear) found that the share of time spent listening to podcasting decreased from 6% in 2020 to a 5% share of ear in 2021.

Then, when the Infinite Dial reported on monthly podcasting, we see that it actually went down in 2022.

However, this may only be a blip. As the report notes, the context of Americans working from home, returning to offices, and other implications of the COVID-19 pandemic may have caused a temporary surge in 2021. We may see growth again in the coming year.

All in all, the report goes through several fascinating findings that will help any business determine the right approach for podcasting.

Our take: Podcasting is here to stay. But much like websites, blogs, email newsletters, and every other formatted communication – the key for businesses that want to take advantage of this medium is not to look at it as a way to bring their marketing to an audio format. It’s about developing a show people want to listen to.

And that’s it. That’s three minutes of news you need to lead in content marketing. I’m Robert Rose – and remember: It’s your story. Tell it well.

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