By Robert Rose published September 6, 2019

The Weekly Wrap: Don’t Fear the Unsatisfying Ending

In the Weekly Wrap, Robert Rose ponders whether every story needs a satisfying ending, thinks about how to shake up traditional marketing, and talks purpose with this week’s person in content marketing making a difference. Continue reading

By Robert Rose published August 30, 2019

The Weekly Wrap: Your Content Team Doesn’t Need Superstars. It Needs This.

This Weekly Wrap episode is all about people. Why aren’t superstars key to great teams? Is Allstate’s new content internal team in good hands? How do you create a content team powerhouse? And what’s Agile got to do with it all? Continue reading

By Robert Rose published August 23, 2019

The Weekly Wrap: Forget Creative Freedom – Content Thrives on Constraints

What if rules foster better creativity? How great must your content be to get personal data from consumers? Why does a brief predict first draft success? All those questions and more will be answered in the Weekly Wrap. Continue reading

By Robert Rose published August 16, 2019

The Weekly Wrap: Data Makes Content Marketing Better

In less time than it takes the Kardashians to pick a fight, Robert Rose dishes all about data this week. He reveals a tactic missed by many, converses with a Content Marketer of the Year finalist, and shares a content idea you can use.

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By Robert Rose published August 9, 2019

The Weekly Wrap: It’s Time to Do Something About Diversity

In this episode, Robert Rose explores the strength that comes from diverse voices, talks with Sydni Craig-Hart about multicultural marketing, and offers a fresh take on creating – rather than stealing – an audience.
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By Robert Rose published August 2, 2019

The Weekly Wrap: For Unskippable Content, Focus on Quality Things

Robert Rose explains why websites must be more than a collection of content “things,” using Staples’ new magazine as an example; quizzes marketer and recovering politician Jim Kukral on becoming “unskippable;” and points out a must-have checklist for creating quality content.

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