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Think Like a Golfer To Create a Winning Content Strategy

Think Like a Golfer To Create a Winning Content Strategy

More content always seems better or at least less risky. But what if you played a different strategy? Play as you would in golf — fewest swings of the club wins. Let’s explore.
How To Get Unstuck with Generative AI in Your Content and Marketing

How To Get Unstuck With Generative AI in Your Content and Marketing

Generative AI isn’t serving marketers well. All the options make it easy to apply, but all the options make it more difficult to decide what to do. To help, use this categorization chart that looks at capabilities and efficiencies.
Glasses with rose-colored lenses representing Robert Rose's view of how to build a contributor network to scale B2B content.

Think Like a Director To Build a Scalable Employee Content Network

Recent research finds that almost nine out of 10 C-suite B2B marketers believe tapping employees as influencers holds immense value. But how do you scale your content efforts to enable those creators? Think like a movie director. Here’s how.
Podcast production process

How To Produce a Podcast in 2024 (From Someone Who’s Done 400+ Episodes)

This Old Marketing has produced over 400 podcast episodes since 2013. Learn how they do it in 2024, from the process to the equipment and the one big thing every successful podcast requires.

Manage Your Content Budgets With ‘Bottle’ Episodes

The mega-hit Friends producers adopted a behind-the-scenes strategy that balanced the budget and delivered some of the best episodes. Consider a similar strategy for your budget-impacted content plan.

Does AI Do ‘More’ Or ‘Less’ in Your Content Strategy?

Being asked to use AI to “do more with less” isn’t as easy as it sounds. It all rests on whether you emphasize “more” or “less.” Learn what that means for incorporating AI in your marketing strategy.

Classic Content Isn’t Necessarily Evergreen: Why Marketers Should Know the Difference

Evergreen does not automatically mean the content will stand the test of time. Nor is content that stands the test of time necessarily evergreen. Why? And can AI even generate classic content? Let’s explore.

Attention vs.Trust: Which Should Content Marketers Prioritize?

Don’t mistake the time a consumer spends with content as an indicator of trust. Surprisingly, as trust goes up, attention goes down. So, which should you focus on?

Shift Your Storytelling Strategy To Co-Create (and We Don’t Mean More Case Studies)

Great brand stories can attract and retain attention long enough to develop trust with your audience no matter where they are in their journey. But to get great stories, marketers must shift their storytelling thinking.

‘Playing Around’ With Generative AI Won’t Lead To Innovation

Company leaders and some marketers think generative AI gives them miraculous new capabilities. They believe it requires a new strategy or a dedicated leader. And they would be wrong. Generative AI is an innovation, not an invention.

How To Help Your Internal Teams Fall in Love (or in Line) With Innovative Ideas

You need new energy and more creative approaches. You need the team to get out of its content and marketing rut. But if the org chart doesn’t change, you’ll just keep shipping the same old content.

Don’t Hide — Mine Your Brand’s Flaws for Storytelling Gold

Your brand strives for perfection, whether it’s the company’s public image, a seamless campaign message, or flawless email distribution. But your brand has flaws, and that’s a lesson every brand storyteller must learn.