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What You Need To Know About Recent ChatGPT and Gemini Features

What You Need To Know About Recent ChatGPT and Gemini Features

OpenAI and Google’s AI ecosystems made headlines this week. They’re going all in on analyzing images, video, and speech features. But it’s what they didn’t say or do this week that marketers should pay attention to.
Why Your Content Won't Surprise or Delight Unless You Expect More (From People and AI)

Why Your Content Won’t Surprise or Delight Unless You Expect More (From People and AI)

Why do we call it generative AI when it doesn’t generate anything new? Renaming the much-discussed tech is just one of the ways Robert Rose suggests aligning expectations with reality. The other? Challenging people to aim for higher-quality ideas and deliverables.
Should Your Brand Shout Its AI and Marketing Plan to the World?

Should Your Brand Shout Its AI and Marketing Plan to the World?

To use AI or not — it's the question on every marketer's mind. But there's a more practical follow-up: Whether to share the answer. Dove and Brandtech Group tried that approach. Was it the right choice?
How To Get Unstuck with Generative AI in Your Content and Marketing

How To Get Unstuck With Generative AI in Your Content and Marketing

Generative AI isn’t serving marketers well. All the options make it easy to apply, but all the options make it more difficult to decide what to do. To help, use this categorization chart that looks at capabilities and efficiencies.

The Reality of Generative AI in Marketing May Not Be What You Think

You’ve read the headlines, clicked the research, and gone down the generative AI rabbit hole. Yes, it’s got great hype people. But they all miss the first lesson of generative AI and marketing.

Enhance Your Content’s Power With a Performance-Centric AI Plan

AI tools can handle a wide range of helpful tasks. But they won’t deliver optimal content performance unless you apply them strategically. Here are some top-recommended implementations — and their real-world implications.

The Problem With AI Headlines

Open AI’s Sam Altman says the future of AI will accomplish 95% of what marketers use agencies, strategists, and creative professionals for today. But don't panic. Get the context and an interpretation that will calm your concerns.

Does AI Do ‘More’ Or ‘Less’ in Your Content Strategy?

Being asked to use AI to “do more with less” isn’t as easy as it sounds. It all rests on whether you emphasize “more” or “less.” Learn what that means for incorporating AI in your marketing strategy.

Air Canada’s Chatbot Fail Should Propel Marketers To Address These AI Questions

Air Canada tried to throw its chatbot under the bus because it gave wrong information to a customer. But a Canadian court sided with the chatbot (and the customer). What does that mean for brands using public-facing generative AI tools?

5+ Real Ways AI Can Benefit Your Content and Marketing Today

Welcome AI onto your content and marketing teams. It can transform your data, SEO, idea generation, and research into bigger and better results for your strategy and audience.

‘Playing Around’ With Generative AI Won’t Lead To Innovation

Company leaders and some marketers think generative AI gives them miraculous new capabilities. They believe it requires a new strategy or a dedicated leader. And they would be wrong. Generative AI is an innovation, not an invention.

AI in Content Marketing

Artificial intelligence is poised to revolutionize every aspect of content marketing — from the way brands plan, create, and produce engaging stories to how they package, personalize, and distribute those assets for optimal performance. AI functions best in collaboration with skilled marketing talent...