Want to Create Content That Pulls Prospects In? Follow These 7 Tips

According to CMI’s recently-released B2B marketing study, marketers’ biggest challenge is in producing the kind of content that engages their prospects. Heidi Cohen shares seven actionable tips for creating content that not only stands out from competing messages and pulls customers in, but also engages and informs them at each phase of the purchase process. Continue reading

How to Use Content to Engage & Convert New Customers: A Case Study

This recent case study shows how Sun Life Financial developed a highly effective content marketing strategy that successfully attracted and converted new customers with engaging content that focused on customer concerns and education, through the creation of an editorial sub-brand, Brighter Life. Continue reading

How to Create Content that Ignites Reader Conversation

Creating a two-way conversation dynamic with your readers is not difficult or beyond your marketing budget: two examples from Google and Etsy demonstrate how you can spark reader interest and ignite dialog by appealing to their inherent curiousity and inviting their response. Continue reading

Your Site is the Mousetrap, Your Content is the Cheese

Mice aren’t attracted to mousetraps. They’re attracted to what you put on it. The same goes for websites. What are you putting on yours? Let’s start with a dead mouse … Continue reading

How to Climb the Engagement Pyramid with Public Sector Content

Producing content in the public sector may seem, at first glance, like a completely different beast than marketing content for the private sector. However, once we look at the reasons … Continue reading

What if You Sold Waffles With a Side of Content?

On a recent trip to Pittsburgh, PA., one of our clients introduced us to two intriguing retail experiments on using content creation to drive business at retail locations: The Waffle … Continue reading

4 Media Law Tips for Content Marketers

Content marketing is not without its challenges. From coming up with compelling new ideas for articles, to getting your target audience to notice and engage with them, successful campaigns require … Continue reading

How to Engage Your Writers to Create More Compelling Content

While an organization’s content can take many forms — including web pages, blog posts, articles, white papers, presentations, brochures, and even books —  they all have one thing in common: … Continue reading

How to Give a Gift of Emotionally Engaging Content

Many companies have no clue what the difference is between good and boring content. I’ll go even further than that.  Many organizations are not even aware that their message has … Continue reading

Tips and Tools for Better Listening for Content Marketing

A recent post from Joe Pulizzi got me thinking about an important role within marketing teams that too many companies are overlooking these days. Joe calls this role a Chief … Continue reading