5 Critical Content Marketing Tactics to Consider Now

Some obvious, some not…but these five content marketing tactics can help take your content marketing strategy to the next level. How’s your content marketing strategy these days? Continue reading

Mitch Joel on Blogging, the Art of Podcasting and the Next Big Thing [Interview]

Joe Pulizzi talks to Mitch Joel — a founding father of blogging and president of Twist Image — about the art of the podcast and what ‘screen’ marketers should keep their eyes on. Continue reading

5 Great Starting Points for a Content Recycling Program

Great content comes from a variety of resources — some of which you may already own. You will need to mix and match, edit and clip, rewrite and reinvent, but it puts you ahead of the game. What’s more, cleverly recycling or repurposing content can save your company money. Here are some ideas to help you start collecting bits and pieces for your content recycling program. Continue reading

A Content Strategy For Your Career

Yes, you need it no matter how secure you think your job is. A career content strategy offers a way to strengthen your position and personal brand Have you ever been fired or laid off? Do you aspire to a … Continue reading

How to Create Compelling Content Using Fear and Desire

Creating content that persuades the reader to take a desired action — while avoiding the direct “call to action” sales pitch — can be challenging. Here, Carl Friesen shows how to instill fear and/or desire through your content to compel the reader to take a specific action, be it signing up for your newsletter or following you on Twitter. Continue reading

How a Portfolio Approach Can Help You Develop Better B2B Content

B2B content marketing presents its own set of challenges, one of which is how to delegate resources in developing content that is timely, authoritative, and yields the best possible ROI over time. This simple portfolio framework is a great organizing tool to help you plan your content “pipeline” and prioritize your content development efforts, according to your marketing budget, internal expertise, and long-term goals. Continue reading

15 Reasons Why Marketers Don’t Use Content Marketing

Had some fun today going through my archived blog posts and this one stuck out.  I decided to unearth and dust it off a bit. I also added a few additional reasons compliments of the community. It’s hard. It’s more difficult … Continue reading

A Four-Point Plan to Boost Your Website’s Authority

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How to Incorporate Influencers into Content Marketing

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Guy Kawasaki on How to Create Enchanting Content: Podcast

The word “enchantment” evokes fairy tale stories of Prince Charming freeing young female hearts from the prospect of a lonely, loveless life. It also alludes to every day joys and simple pleasures such as meeting “the one,” getting married and … Continue reading