Digital Natives: How They Are Changing the Content Marketing Game

A consumer group now too powerful for any brand or company to ignore, digital natives are self-ordained experts accustomed to sharing their opinions with the world. They tend to have significant influence, money and decision-making power. Here are the essentials on the habits of digital natives and how to tailor your content to interest and influence them. Continue reading

Are Your Content Registration Forms an Entry Point or a Barrier?

Most prospects want to keep vendors at arm’s length until they are fairly far along in their buying decision process. So marketers need to keep in mind that content registration forms can be a barrier and decide strategically when it’s appropriate to ask for contact details — and how much information to request. Here are the essentials. Continue reading

New Guide Explains How to Join the Ranks of Best-in-Class Content Marketers

What sets best-in-class marketers apart from average marketers? Here are tips for taking your game from average to marketer par excellence. Continue reading

Want to Create Content That Pulls Prospects In? Follow These 7 Tips

According to CMI’s recently-released B2B marketing study, marketers’ biggest challenge is in producing the kind of content that engages their prospects. Heidi Cohen shares seven actionable tips for creating content that not only stands out from competing messages and pulls customers in, but also engages and informs them at each phase of the purchase process. Continue reading

How to Use Content to Engage & Convert New Customers: A Case Study

This recent case study shows how Sun Life Financial developed a highly effective content marketing strategy that successfully attracted and converted new customers with engaging content that focused on customer concerns and education, through the creation of an editorial sub-brand, Brighter Life. Continue reading

Cutting the Complexity of Content Marketing Production

Several semi-reliable websites credit Leonardo Da Vinci with writing the phrase, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” I love this phrase. Without getting to philosophical, in my opinion DaVinci understood that simplicity doesn’t necessarily dumb things down. On the contrary, simplicity … Continue reading

5 Editorial Calendar Keys to Keep Content Marketing and Publishing on Track

If you had the opportunity to attend Content Marketing World, or if you’ve been following this blog and checking out all of the amazing videos from the event, you may have lots of ideas on how to improve your content … Continue reading

Why Marketing Will Fund the Future of Content

The media publishing industry is undergoing tremendous transformation in its transition to digital. One of the more powerful forces in this change are economics, and the oft-repeated phrase is that media is trading “print dollars for digital dimes.” In other … Continue reading

How to Structure Your Web Content to Get Better Conversions from Buyers

There is no shortage of articles on buyer profiling and personas on the CMI blog, but today I’d like to take that process one step further and show you how to improve the effectiveness and performance of your website by … Continue reading

10 Lessons for Creating a Content Factory: Live from Content Marketing World

Building a content factory requires the right attitude in addition to an effective system for generating authentic stories that focus on the problems of customers and clients. That’s how AJ Huisman (@AJHuisman), Marketing Director from Kennedy Van der Laan, a … Continue reading