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A 30-Minute Hack for Nonprofits to Improve Their Content Marketing [New Research]

Published: 2018-03-07

Nearly all nonprofit marketers would benefit greatly by taking one month to power up their content marketing programs. That’s a logical conclusion based on what nonprofit marketers had to say in CMI/Marketing Profs’ annual survey. Continue reading

Nonprofit Marketing Plan: Strategies and Examples

Published: 2017-06-11

Nonprofits have something many B2B and B2C marketers don’t have: a mission, a reason for existing that doesn’t boil down to “sell something.” But that’s just the start of what you should have for successful nonprofit content marketing. Continue reading

5 Things That Can Make Nonprofit Marketers More Effective [New Research]

Published: 2015-11-04

Our nonprofit content marketing 2016 report released today reveals that 26% of marketers say their overall content marketing is effective. Learn how that breaks down, key attributes to success, Joe’s insight, and three takeaway tips. Continue reading

Social Impact: How a Nonprofit Became a Content Phenom

Published: 2015-02-16

charity: water intends to reinvent the nonprofit from the way it engages the public to the way it distributes and tracks every dollar raised. Learn how this nonprofit became a fundraising and content-publishing phenom without a traditional marketing budget. Continue reading

Nonprofit Marketers Focus on Storytelling as Part of Recipe for Content Marketing Success

Published: 2014-12-15

Content Marketing Institute Releases New Research on State of Nonprofit Content Marketing in North America CLEVELAND, Nov. 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Nonprofit marketers are focused on becoming better storytellers, creating visual content and … Continue reading

15 Things We Learned About Nonprofit Content Marketers [New Research]

Published: 2014-11-05

CMI’s Nonprofit Content Marketing 2015 research is out. Nonprofit marketers are trying more tactics, using more social media platforms, growing in their internal knowledge and skills, and focusing on becoming better storytellers. Glean 15 insights then take time to explore the in-depth examination of benchmarks, budgets, and trends. Plus, learn what makes up a best-in-class nonprofit content marketer. Continue reading

Using Video Content to Tell High-Emotion Stories: Nonprofit Marketing

Published: 2014-05-18

If nonprofits want their short films to change the world, they need to be seen. Check out these 3 successful cause-driven video content efforts and the distribution strategies behind them. They’re good examples of how to tell high-emotion stories with visual content. Continue reading

Content Marketing for Nonprofits: Data, Insights, and Examples

Published: 2013-12-03

In a follow-up to the recent release of CMI and Blackbaud’s first-ever research report to benchmark what’s going on with content marketing in the nonprofit sector, get data, examples and insights on content marketing for nonprofits. Continue reading

New Research Shows 92 Percent of Nonprofits Use Content Marketing

Published: 2013-12-02

Report reveals how nonprofits approach content marketing; in-person events and Facebook top the list of content distribution sources CLEVELAND, Nov. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and Blackbaud have … Continue reading

Nonprofit Content Marketing Research: Successes and Challenges

Published: 2013-11-14

Content Marketing Institute is pleased to announce our first-ever research study on nonprofits. Download the “Nonprofit Content Marketing: 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends — North America” report and get some insight into the content marketing challenges and successes nonprofits report. Continue reading