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Solve 3 Puzzles in 1 Content Strategy [Video Series]

Published: 2021-09-15

To get your content strategy right, you have to define both “strategy” and “content.” Here are some things to consider as you do in the latest episode of Marketing Makers from Robert Rose. Continue reading

Outsourcing Content Creators: The Complete How-To Guide

Published: 2021-08-24

Without a smart plan for hiring and working with freelancers, you might find they jump ship at the first sign of a higher rate or longer contract. Here’s some advice to help you identify, vet, and onboard the right outsourced team. Continue reading

7+ Content Marketing Writing Tips You Didn’t Learn in School

Published: 2021-08-02

You don’t have to follow all those school-taught English lessons in your writing. But you do have to make sure your content is good. Here’s some thoughts to help you write for reader and brand success. Continue reading

30+ Link-Building Tips, Tools, and Examples for SEO and Website Traffic

Published: 2021-06-07

Even if you consider link building a tedious, painful, test of patience, you still need to do it. It’s necessary to compete in search engines and extend the content marketing reach of your brand. Continue reading

15 Engaging Ways to End Your Next Blog Post

Published: 2021-04-29

Introductions get all the attention. Yet conclusions and endings matter even more. Readers who get to the end of the story are the ones most interested in the topic (and likely what your business offers). Here’s how to reach a satisfying conclusion. Continue reading

How to Make a Better Content Marketing Case With ROI

Published: 2021-03-04

Calculating ROI for your brand’s content marketing is a frequently asked question. Here are some ways you can answer it and make a stronger business case for content marketing. Continue reading

67 Book Picks for the Ultimate Content Marketing Library

Published: 2020-11-30

You can’t judge a book by its cover. You can judge it based on peer recommendations. Here are 67 picks for a great bookcase to improve your content marketing, expand your marketing prowess, and gain inspiration. Continue reading

Whip Up a Tantalizing Blog Post With These 9 Ingredients

Published: 2020-11-12

A winning meal on MasterChef must be so delicious, so tantalizing the judges would want to eat it every day. How can you do that to keep readers consuming your blog posts? Here’s a step-by-step recipe. Continue reading

How to Get in Your Customers’ Heads for Invaluable Research

Published: 2020-10-27

When the Sierra Club of Colorado needed to raise awareness and raise money to support its efforts, the grassroots organization used voice-of-customer research to get inside the heads of its members. (And it worked beyond expectations.) Continue reading

7 Unusual Ways to Increase Your Audience Response

Published: 2020-09-09

People often rely on decision defaults – hardwired responses they use without thinking. Some of these automatic behaviors can impact how people act on what they read and how they act. Here are seven techniques every content marketer should know. Continue reading