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5 Reasons Why EVERY Content Marketer Needs a Professional Proofreader

Published: 2011-05-16

If you’re publishing content these days, you’re, um, a publisher. And publishers use professional proofreaders to review and correct copy. So as a publisher, you could benefit from having a … Continue reading

Chief Content Officer — Editorial Guidelines

Published: 2011-02-18

Chief Content Officer educates and inspires marketers using content to grow awareness and revenues. We seek contributors with a track record of producing well-researched, smartly written articles that provoke, inform, … Continue reading

Warning! SEO Copy Bubble Bursting

Published: 2011-01-17

SEO web writing is important, but the surrounding hype and bad practices surrounding it is about to burst. Content marketing is more effective. Continue reading

Using eNewsletters in Your Content Marketing? Ideas for the New Year

Published: 2010-12-27

Continuing our series on content marketing examples, we head next to eNewsletters. They are a staple for many marketers. According to the B2B Content Marketing: 2010 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends … Continue reading

How to Optimize Your Online Content (Without Being an SEO Wizard)

Published: 2010-11-18

Hey, I’m no mechanic. But here’s one thing I know for sure. A car has hundreds of moving parts and even I know that a tune-up helps it run better. … Continue reading

13 Examples of Content that Engages

Published: 2010-10-26

With the help of our CMI contributors, we’re tackling how to make content more engaging, which was the biggest challenge identified in the new research about B2B Content Marketing. Over the past … Continue reading

Want to Develop Engaging Content? First Step: Understand What Engaging Means

Published: 2010-09-28

We recently released new research on B2B Content Marketing. The report is chock full of great insights into what content marketers are doing and where they are struggling (check it … Continue reading

How to Make the Case for Design in Content Marketing

Published: 2010-09-23

What is the biggest problem you face in your content marketing strategy? In the B2B Content Marketing: 2010 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends study published last week, 66% of respondents identified … Continue reading

SEO Copywriter: 10 Ways to Find One

Published: 2010-08-20

So, you’ve decided that an SEO content overhaul is in order – and you need to find a copywriting expert who is half technical geek, half persuasive genius. The person … Continue reading

How New Bloggers Can Easily Craft Remarkable About Pages

Published: 2010-06-17

Is it possible that a tour guide can teach you a thing or two about your “About” page? Yessiree, it certainly is possible. How so?