COVID-19 Content Marketing Resources

Many of you work for organizations on the coronavirus front lines – saving lives, providing access to food, and keeping the proverbial lights on. Others of you work for businesses, agencies, or solo practices looking for ways to keep serving customers, caring for employees, and preparing for what comes next. All of us are looking for ways to adapt to the new reality.

We’ve created and collected these resources to help. If you know of a useful resource for content marketers, fill out this short form to suggest it.

Topics covered include:


How to adjust your content market strategy during COVID-19

7 Steps to Create a Helpful Interim Content Marketing Strategy
Your old content marketing strategy won’t work now. Your audience’s behavior (and your company goals) are changing. Here’s how to create – and document – an adjusted one-page strategy.

A Quick Audit to See If Your Content Passes a COVID-19 Exam
If your content doesn’t convey awareness and sensitivity, it will affect your audience’s perception of your brand. Check your content before you wreck your brand value.

When Content Is All You Have for Your Audience
When these B2C brands shuttered their retail businesses, their marketers detoured to the kitchens. Here’s how they cooked up a content success.

How We’re Navigating the New Now of Content Marketing
CMI general manager Stephanie Stahl shares how CMI is preparing for the new normal, from events and videos to blogs and social. And she wants to hear how you’re doing it, too.

Content Marketing Can Do More Than Survive in the New World
Content marketing can be more than a survival technique in 2020. In fact, it’s poised to be the shining star in this new world. CMI’s Stephanie Stahl explains.

Agile Marketing Could Be the Way Forward in Challenging Time
Embracing agile marketing helps teams cap risks and emerge stronger. This guide from Hire Digital lists cost efficient steps to make the transition.

How COVID-19 Continues to Impact B2B Content Consumption
New statistics from NetLine show B2B content requests are up in April and May, while interest in information about COVID-19 cools.

How Social Media Advertising Has Adjusted to New Phase of Coronavirus
According to Socialbakers data, in April many regions and industries started to return close to their typical level of spending for the season.

The Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on Marketing Teams
In April 2020, Sirkin Research, commissioned by NewsCred, surveyed marketing leaders in enterprises to understand the impact of coronavirus to marketing teams around the world.

Don’t Social Distance Your Brand: Smart Marketing is Now More Important Than Ever
Your brand’s marketing efforts are more important now than ever. Brandpoint offers these reasons why you should continue to invest in your brand’s marketing efforts.

Content Strategy: A Complete Guide
This guide from MarketMuse outlines exactly what you need to build a content strategy, execute the plan, evaluate the performance, and pivot for improvements.

CMOs Share How They’re Adapting Their Strategies During COVID-19
The Casted crew spoke with CMOs to get their insights and advice on adapting marketing strategies, leading through uncertainty, and how to define and achieve success now.

A Marketer’s Guide to Cutting Costs
Budgets are down due the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. This guide from Turtl offers help with evaluating investments, finding hidden costs, and developing cost saving strategies.

After the Virus: A special report looking back on the next five years
Very little is unchanged by COVID-19; politics, socioeconomics, business, work, and life as we know it. This special report looks back from five years in the future.

Survey Templates and Resources for the Coronavirus Crisis
These SurveyMonkey resources include survey templates to help you check in with employees and customers, data on how the coronavirus has shifted consumer perceptions, and more

A Time for Brands to Be Human
An updated content strategy is part of doing business in this new economy. Here are some strategies St. Joseph Communications uses to pivot client content marketing plans.

An Open Brief for Being a Useful Brand During COVID-19
This is a time for brands to act fast. And a time for brands to be as useful as possible by combining purpose + practicality. Barkley US president and CEO share their thoughts on how.

How Our Remote World Is Accelerating Marketing Transformation (& What to Do About It)
With buyers and teams distracted and remote and marketers asked to do more with less, it’s more important than ever to align work around meaningful goals. This article from Upland Kapost explains.


Shift to virtual events/demand generation

Hey Brands, Don’t Make 2005’s Mistake On Your Future Virtual Events
Be wary about shifting in-person events to digital in the long term without a deliberate content strategy. CMI’s Robert Rose explains what to do – and what to avoid.

How to Bring Audiences Together in the Social-Distancing Era
COVID-19 is turning handshakes into health hazards, so marketers are turning to webinars, virtual conferences, and other digital experiences to foster trust and build community in a touch-free world.

The No-Fail Formula for Creating Awesome Webinar Content
Follow this list of tips and explore helpful tools to create highly effective webinar content that will attract and retain audiences.

How to Get More From Your Livestream After the Broadcast
Livestream videos are valuable assets that can be reused to get your content in front of more people and deliver better results for your brand. Here’s how.

Virtual Events Done Right: Content is Queen
InVision and clients from Atlassian and NetApp share learnings from recent virtual experiences, revealing how to overcome common barriers and craft effective virtual event content.

Adapting Content for Virtual Events: A Worksheet
This worksheet will guide your decision-making, as you take content designed for a face-to-face event and adapt it for an engaging virtual experience.

What Does the Future Hold for Speakers, Event Planners, and Marketers?
What does this pandemic mean for event planners, marketers, and planners? A recent episode of Social Pulse Weekly from Agorapulse offered advice from experts.

Eventless Marketing: How to operate in a world without events and still hit your MQL and growth targets
This Turtl guide for marketers offers ideas on how to operate in a world without events and still hit MQL and growth targets.

Cheers To Our New Normal: Hosting A Successful Virtual Happy Hour
Your workday is winding down – calls, emails, meetings complete. The only item on your calendar is Happy Hour. Here are 4 tips/tricks to make it a success.

How to Master Virtual Enablement
For go-to-market teams, one thing remains unchanged: you must enable teams to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Browse these insights from Highspot to help navigate the new normal.


Create the right content quickly

Write Faster With This Guide
You can’t afford to spend hours crafting the perfect piece or luxuriate for weeks waiting for inspiration to strike – especially now. Here’s what to do instead.


How to Create the Right Video Experiences for Your Brand
Which combination of video formats, features, and distribution options best fit your audience needs and content goals? Use this decision-making guide to find the ideal path.

Content Curation Tips and Examples to Fill Your Editorial Calendar
Content curation is a handy technique for quickly restocking your content calendar. These tips and examples show you how to do it right.

Get an A for Accuracy With This Fact-Checking Content Checklist
Let’s make this simple. Factually wrong content is bad. Accuracy is a necessity for trust – always, but especially now. Welcome to the content creators’ and editors’ fact-checking checklist.

7 Brands Getting Email Right During a Crisis [Examples]
Nearly every company is sending emails about the pandemic. These seven rise above by delivering value and promoting togetherness while we need to stand six feet apart.

How Brand Video Can Put People First in a COVID-19 World
Here’s how to produce branded video content that’s sensitive to your audiences’ needs — and truly useful to them — in times of crisis.


Work better together, even from home

25 Tools and Ideas for Brainstorming in a Remote World
With social distancing emptying offices, how can you still capture collaborative energy to brainstorm content ideas and strategies? Start with these 25 tips and tools.

7 Ways to Unite Your Content Team in a Remote Work World [Tools]
No one gathers to brainstorm. The project whiteboard isn’t visible to the team. Remote content marketing teams have their challenges. Here’s how to overcome them.

How to Work From Home and Stay Emotionally Healthy
These remote work tips from Agorapulse will help you through any rough patches, whether you’ve worked from home for a week or years.

How to Delight your Followers with Zoom Backgrounds
This post from Libris explains how to use Zoom backgrounds to engage with your audience.

How to Collaborate Effectively with Your Content Team While Working Remote
With everyone working remotely, the right tools can help your content team maintain efficiency and facilitate collaboration. Use this guide from DivvyHQ to help your team now.

5 Essential Considerations for Remote Work Video
Remote work means more video than we’re used to. Content Monsta’s A. Lee Judge explains how to prep your environment and equipment for clear, professional video content.


Adapt content analytics and measurement

Metrics Matter More During COVID-19 Than They Ever Did
Stop analyzing metrics the way you did before the pandemic changed everything. CMI’s Ann Gynn explains how to rewrite the rules of your content measurement program now.

26 Ways to Get Ready for the Rebound: A Playbook for What to Do Right Now
Orbit Media suggests 26 things marketers can do now to prepare for what’s next, including tidying up your analytics.


Update your skills

How to Build a Personal Brand After a Job Loss
After a 2008 layoff, Dennis Shiao took a content marketing approach to his personal brand. Twelve years later, he’s still doing it – and you can, too.

How to Make a Weekly Podcast: A Step-by-Step Guide
Robert Rose, host of the Weekly Wrap and PNR: This Old Marketing, explains the process and tools he uses to manage and record a weekly podcast.

How to Create the Right Video Experiences for Your Brand
Which combination of video formats, features, and distribution options best fit your needs and goals? Use this decision-making guide from CMI to find the ideal path.

Actionable Tips to Map a New and Successful Career Path
When your career path gets disrupted, create your own map. These actionable tips will help you chart a course that’s the best fit for you, your talents, and your interests.

Working Remote as a Marketer: Why Cost-Per-Lead Generation Campaigns Are Now More Important Than Ever
Cost-per-lead campaigns are essential to business success now. Learn how to use this marketing tactic to get your expertise in front of an audience and fill gaps in your sales pipeline.

Social Media Best Practices to Help Guide You During Any Crisis
You can’t predict when a crisis will hit your business. But you can handle that crisis if you have a plan in place. This post from Agorapulse explains how to prepare.

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Find COVID-19 resources for agencies and verticals


COVID-19 Agency Survival Tools
Resources (most current on top) to help small to mid-sized agencies weather the COVID-19 storm, created and curated by the Agency Management Institute.

The Coronavirus Impact on Marketing Agencies: 122 Agency Executives Report
Orbit Media and AMI asked agency executives about the impact on the marketing industry. Here’s what they had to say.

CMI Agency Content
Articles, original research, and resources for agencies, created or compiled by the Content Marketing Institute.

Healthcare marketing

6 Lessons in Loyalty Building From Health Care Content [Examples]
Instead of spring break safety and healthy breakfasts, health care marketers now focus on relationship-building. Here are six ways they’re doing it that we all can learn from.

Creating Content About Coronavirus
Resources for healthcare marketers creating content during the COVID-19 pandemic, compiled by Aha Media.

Tech/software marketing

New Data on How Covid-19 Will Impact B2B Tech Spending
As of March 19th, 40% of buyers TrustRadius surveyed planned to continue increasing software spending. Now, after three weeks of COVID-19 chaos, expectations have changed.

Covid-19 Software Industry Statistics
The coronavirus pandemic continues to have a tragic impact. TrustRadius is monitoring the unpredictable changes in the B2B tech industry to help software vendors stay up on the shifting market.


How the Fitness Industry Is Responding to Coronavirus
Gyms had to close, but online classes (and online sales) skyrocketed. A look at the fitness industry amid the pandemic.


How Coronavirus Has Affected the Travel Industry
Although the travel industry has been hit hard by global quarantine, there is a lesson to be learned through their coping methods and community management.


Marketers giving back

NewsCred is Getting One Million Masks to Healthcare Workers in NYC and Beyond
1M MASKS, a grassroots initiative started by NewsCred’s Shafqat Islam, aims to get one million masks into the hands of frontline healthcare workers quickly and efficiently.

How To Use the COVID-19 Response Engagement Tool In Your Next Webinar
Mobilize your webinar audience to make a direct contribution to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization (or charity of choice).

10 Coronavirus-Relief Organizations + Free Social Media Assets to Support Them
Share these free visual assets on social media to promote organizations on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19.