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Intelligent Content Meets Translation

Published: 2015-01-29

Val Swisher explains that making your source content intelligent can improve translation cost, speed, and quality – our favorite trifecta. Continue reading

5 Ways to Get More ROI From Your Next Conference

Published: 2014-12-19

You can get more ROI from your conference participation when you create content before, during, and after the event. These five tips will help your brand’s content marketing, and get the bosses to say yes to that next conference trip. Continue reading

Make the Most of Your B2B Marketing Channels: Research on Webinars

Published: 2014-06-03

It’s critical that B2B businesses learn to balance the effectiveness of both new and existing marketing channels — and experiment with where it’s best to deliver content during their customer engagement journey. One option that deserves a closer look? Webinars. Get CMI’s new research on webinars.
Continue reading

4 Ways Visual Content Can Enhance Your Ecommerce User Experience

Published: 2014-05-16

Images and videos are fast becoming crucial elements of digital marketing. With the rise of social sharing, brands are looking for ways to enhance the value of their content with visual imagery and grab audience attention. Discover 4 smart ways visual content can enhance your business’ ecommerce user experience. Continue reading

10 Ways to Inspire Your Inner Content Creator

Published: 2014-05-08

It’s not always easy for marketers to find creative strategies and solutions to content challenges. A walk or a few exercises can help clear your head and get the blood flowing, but the creative ideas don’t necessarily flow quite as freely. Use these 10 ideas to inspire your inner content creator. Continue reading

3 Ways Content Marketing Can Improve Donor Retention Rates

Published: 2014-02-27

In the spirit of improving donor retention rates for nonprofits in 2014, let’s take a look at how implementing a content marketing strategy can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Employ these 3 techniques using content marketing to really engage your donors. Continue reading

Mapping the Next Frontier in Brand Storytelling

Published: 2013-12-11

While organizations continue to pour resources into content marketing, there are tremendous gaps in talent, technology and strategy holding back the industry – and possibly your business. Find out more about the challenges ahead as we map the next frontier in brand storytelling. Continue reading

How to Design a Compelling Demand Generation Strategy for the C-Suite

Published: 2013-11-01

Marketers spend a lot of time and energy trying to gain access and sell to executives. For large-scale B2B sales in particular, it’s critical to create a content plan and engagement strategy to break through to the lucrative and powerful buyer at the top. Find out how to design your content plan to speak to the C-suite. Continue reading

5 Content Creation ‘Yellow Cards’ Google Issued in 2013

Published: 2013-09-18

Online marketing is competitive and has rules — and you can get penalized if you don’t follow those rules. So it’s important to stay up on the rules of the marketing game and to take note of warnings you get. Learn more about 5 “rules” Google issued this year, and how they can affect your content creation efforts. Continue reading

Improve Your Website Content’s Quality: 5 Ways to Drive High Performance

Published: 2013-09-09

The digital marketing world is increasingly competitive and driven by content. So how can marketers hit on the right formula for their website content? Find out how to boost website content quality and drive higher performance. Continue reading