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4 Steps to a B2B Content Marketing Strategy that Drives Revenue

Published: 2014-07-03

If the ultimate goal of content is to drive sales, how do you create content that promotes your product, speaks to your customers and also helps you reach your business goals? If you’re overwhelmed by the struggle to combine all of these factors, take these 4 steps to develop a B2B content marketing strategy that drives revenue. Continue reading

6 Steps to a Data-Driven Content Marketing Strategy

Published: 2014-06-30

It’s challenging to build relationships with customers you’ve never met in person, but that’s exactly what marketers today are faced with. Big data can be the solution — if you have the right framework in place to make it actionable. Get 6 steps to a data-driven content marketing strategy. Continue reading

Content Marketing Strategy: 3 Ways to Measure Success with Google Analytics

Published: 2014-06-18

Nothing else matters if your content doesn’t help you achieve a business goal. As is the case with any marketing strategy, measurement and tracking against benchmarks and goals is necessary in proving content marketing ROI. Get the details on 3 ways to measure your content marketing strategy success with Google Analytics. Continue reading

Developing Your Content Marketing Strategy: What You Need to Know

Published: 2014-06-06

Last week, in our first “Back to Basics” post, we discussed goals and mission statements as two essential elements for getting started with content marketing. This week, find out what you need to know to develop your content marketing strategy. A documented strategy will give your efforts the best possible chance for success. Continue reading

9 Content Marketing Strategy Questions You Need to Answer

Published: 2014-06-02

Content marketing leaders from some of the largest B2B and B2C brands came together last week to talk about the challenges and opportunities they see for content marketing. We came away with some questions most content marketers don’t seem to be addressing. Get started with these 9 content marketing strategy questions you need to answer. Continue reading

A Quick Exercise to Find Big Ideas for Your Content Marketing Strategy

Published: 2014-06-01

The CMI team took time recently to brainstorm some outside-the-box ideas for strengthening content marketing strategy and business overall with a concept called the “10 Percent.” Try this quick exercise to help generate big ideas for your strategy and your overall business — whether it’s large or small. Continue reading

Use Search Insights to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy: 4 Steps

Published: 2014-05-29

Feel like your competitors’ content skyrockets while yours can’t get off the ground? They’re probably working with inside information — search insights — and you should be, too. Learn how to use search insights to boost your content marketing strategy and your success. Continue reading

10 Steps to Scale Your Content Marketing Strategy

Published: 2014-04-28

A successful content marketing strategy is one that’s not only built to handle current industry needs and challenges, but can also scale to meet the demands brought about by successful growth. Here are 10 steps you can take to make sure your content marketing strategy will meet your team’s emerging needs for efficient, effective, and plentiful content creation. Continue reading

How Content Marketing Strategy Factors into Success

Published: 2014-04-11

This week, Joe and Robert discuss whether or not content marketing should just “buzz off,” talk about a strategic approach to content marketing, review a research study on the most credible types of content for brands, and explain why being mediocre in your content creation and distribution efforts is a dangerous proposition, before exploring our #ThisOldMarketing example of the week: NewTekniques Magazine. Continue reading

3 Steps to Overcome the Fear of Building a Content Marketing Strategy

Published: 2014-04-07

Mapping out a strategy for your content efforts can sometimes feel like stepping off into the unknown. A defined strategy forces you to focus in on your brand and decide on a target audience, tactics and channels, KPIs, etc. However, it also may require you to turn your focus away from efforts that might already be underway. It can be scary. Use these 3 steps to help overcome the fear of building a content marketing strategy. Continue reading