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How to Join the Ranks of the Digital “Supercreatives:” An Interview with Leslie Bradshaw

Published: 2012-08-17

CCO spoke to Leslie Bradshaw, co-founder of JESS3, about what it takes to be a rising star in the competitive world of digital supercreatives, how to work with a creative agency and why some content breaks through the clutter. Continue reading

Infographics Are a Full Meal; Consumer Audiences Need Snackable Content

Published: 2012-08-03

Although big, meaty infographics are all the rage right now, there is a definite place for smaller data graphics. Consumer audiences need snackable content. Check out these notable examples. Continue reading

Got (or Need) Visuals? Expert Views on How to Adjust Your Content Strategy

Published: 2012-07-06

Our Content Marketing World speakers answer the question, “With the popularity of apps like Pinterest and Instagram, how have you adjusted your content strategy (or the advice you give to clients) to incorporate visual content?” Continue reading

How To Explain Content Marketing To The C-Suite

Published: 2012-05-25

Part of the content marketer’s job is to champion the value that content has on the bottom line of any business. Here are some tips from the experts on how to make your case for content marketing to the C-suite so you can get the budget you need for success. Continue reading

Many Platforms, One Voice: How to Maintain a Consistent Social Media Persona

Published: 2012-05-17

Whether you’re marketing yourself or your company, your audience gets to know your personal brand, or personality. Here are some key ways you can maintain a consistent social media persona, no matter what the forum. Continue reading

25+ Tools for Real-Time Marketing

Published: 2012-05-15

Real-time marketing—the ability to monitor, manage and guide your marketing efforts as they occur—is one of the most important areas of marketing today. We’re about to document the 25+ tools marketers need to know about if they’re serious about real-time marketing. Continue reading

The New Content Life Cycle: 4 Steps to a More Strategic Approach to Web Content

Published: 2012-05-11

On today’s rapidly shifting web, it’s essential that companies connect more effectively with their stakeholders across a number of web and social channels. This “pressure to extend” has created a new online content life cycle. Employ these four steps to establish a more strategic and successful approach to content marketing for your business. Continue reading

3 Rules for Creating Effective Infographics

Published: 2012-04-19

By incorporating stunning images and interactive features, today’s digital infographics can provide a tremendous amount of information in creative and engaging ways. But content marketers need to be sure they do more than display cool visuals. Here are the essentials to keep in mind. Continue reading

Optimizing Social, Search and Content: A Q&A with Lee Odden

Published: 2012-04-18

An interview by Joe Pulizzi with Optimize author Lee Odden on the power of integrating search, social and content marketing. Lee answers some tough questions include how to measure and structure content initiatives, and what he favorite app is. Continue reading

7 Ways to Use Photographs to Support Content Marketing

Published: 2012-04-17

With Facebook’s recent purchase of Instagram and Pinterest’s meteoric growth, photography has become the content marketing darling of 2012. In this post, we’ll take a look at the usage of each of the hottest new photography sites and examine ways you can use photographs to expand your content marketing offerings. Continue reading