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Simplify Your Content Marketing Strategy with a One-Page Plan

Published: 2015-01-15

If you lack a written content marketing strategy, a one-page plan is a great start. It can help you crystalize your strategy, gain stronger buy-in from executives, and keep content producers strategically aligned. Here’s how to begin. Continue reading

A Blueprint to Jump-Start Your Content Marketing Strategy

Published: 2015-01-01

In 2014, CMI published a series of posts to help marketers get back to the basics of content marketing. In case you missed it, here is a quick 10-step primer with practical tips to jump-start your content marketing blueprint in 2015. Continue reading

How to Turn Research Into Content Marketing Strategy AND Tactics

Published: 2014-10-28

Comparing your opinions to those of a larger interest group is intrinsically engaging — especially when the insights from the research are unexpected and/or entertaining. But even more than shock value, research helps you uncover your audience’s motivations, opinions, and pain points, and can be transformed into many different deliverables across your marketing channels. Continue reading

Content Marketing Strategy 101: Make it a Game

Published: 2014-10-16

To get buy-in and in-house advocates for your content marketing projects, don’t think a boring PowerPoint presentation will do the trick. Play to their spirited competitiveness and gamify your content marketing lessons. Learn how to create a good game plan for your company team. Continue reading

How to Build a Better Content Marketing Strategy

Published: 2014-10-10

While following a documented content marketing strategy closely can help keep it focused on your organization’s goals, you will often need to account for new insights and information you receive as time goes on. Here, we share some guidelines for determining which elements to keep consistent and which to update from time to time. Continue reading

5 Spam-Free Steps To Use LinkedIn Groups in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Published: 2014-09-24

Find the LinkedIn groups that attract your customers and share each of your new blog posts with them. On the surface, it seems like a sound strategy, doesn’t it? Well, there are pros and cons of posting in LinkedIn groups, but it can be a sound way to boost your content marketing efforts. Get 5 steps for using LinkedIn groups in your content marketing strategy. Continue reading

7 Thoughts That Will Change Your Content Marketing Strategy

Published: 2014-08-18

We have tremendous potential as content marketers. But there are so many aspects of the business to juggle in an ever-changing industry. It can be incredibly difficult to bring it all into focus. Cut through the noise and use these 7 ideas that (if done right) will make a lasting impact on your content marketing strategy and set you up for success. Continue reading

How Measurement Can Kill Your Content Marketing Strategy

Published: 2014-08-03

The measurement tail is wagging the marketing dog in many organizations these days. If you keep caving to the measurement dictocrats, by the time you’re finished there won’t be anything left of the plan you could have created — or the difference it could have made. Find out how measurement can kill your content marketing strategy. Continue reading

Unify Your Content Marketing Strategy With a One-Stop Resource Center

Published: 2014-07-30

When you become a content marketer, you are essentially becoming your own publication. This means developing a rich and highly organized editorial calendar and employing a top-notch creative team, but it also means organizing and displaying your content efforts in an intuitive, visually compelling manner. Find out how to unify your content marketing strategy with a one-stop resource center. Continue reading

Building 4 Key Relationships Every Content Marketing Strategy Needs

Published: 2014-07-08

Wherever you are in life, you probably got there at least partially by building relationships. The same goes for your organization and the content you create. Relationship building can open up opportunities that will help your content really take off. Learn more about 4 key relationships every content marketing strategy needs. Continue reading