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The 7 Business Goals of Content Marketing: Inbound Marketing Isn’t Enough

Published: 2011-11-11

This post was written with the assistance of my co-author for Managing Content Marketing and lead strategist for the Content Marketing Institute, Robert Rose. Thanks Robert! I’m tired… tired of the large amount of destructive posts about content marketing that … Continue reading

Tips and Tools for Better Listening for Content Marketing

Published: 2011-11-01

A recent post from Joe Pulizzi got me thinking about an important role within marketing teams that too many companies are overlooking these days. Joe calls this role a Chief Listening Officer or the “air traffic controller for your social … Continue reading

Content Marketing Webinars

Published: 2011-09-27

The Content Marketing Institute is pleased to partner with industry thought leaders to bring you webinars that are relevant to content marketers. Beyond the Website: Delivering Content and Digital Experiences in a Multi-Everything World Wednesday, November 20, 2019 | 2:00 … Continue reading

12 Content Marketing Predictions for 2012

Published: 2011-08-19

As we get ready for Content Marketing World in a few weeks, our speakers are sharing some insights on some content marketing topics. Last week, our speakers answered the question, “What technology excites you most as a content marketer?” This week, … Continue reading

How Free Content Can Quickly Grow Your Business: Interview with Michael Stelzner

Published: 2011-07-14

Has your business been sluggish for some time? Are you worried that you’re not experiencing the growth you expected? Well, there is no shortage of business advice, of marketing gurus and self-help literature out there. In fact, the number of … Continue reading

Should Content Marketers Buy Into Content Farms?

Published: 2011-06-10

For anyone who has worked as a professional journalist, it’s certainly easy to look at the digital landscape and see the signs of a Rapture of sorts. We are seeing plenty of heated battles over intellectual property and content ownership. … Continue reading

12 Things to Do After You’ve Written a New Blog Post

Published: 2011-03-03

You can’t expect an audience simply by publishing blog content. Here are 12 ideas to help you promote your posts. Continue reading

Content Marketing in Action: 13 Examples to Get You Inspired

Published: 2010-12-07

In our ongoing series, we’re helping B2B marketers overcome the challenges highlighted in our recent B2B Content Marketing: 2010 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends. Most recently, our contributors are providing insights and examples to help you make the case for content marketing … Continue reading

Developing a Social Media Conversation Calendar

Published: 2010-12-01

It’s well known that social media presents a tremendous opportunity for businesses to connect directly with their customers and potential customers.  But, at Sprout Content, we hear all too often, “I started a Facebook page, but what do I say?” … Continue reading

How to Grow a Content Creator: A 3-Month Boot Camp (Months Two and Three)

Published: 2010-11-04

In yesterday’s post, we discussed a common problem that many marketing agencies face today: helping younger professionals become content creators. The problem? As senior professionals, we don’t have the luxury of time to mentor in the way we might like. … Continue reading