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10 Content Marketing Articles Readers (Like You) Loved in 2022

Published: 2022-12-20

Browse this list of the 10 most popular content marketing articles to see if you missed any among the 249 CMI published in 2022. You can read them all in 108 minutes – or take just five minutes to read the first one. Continue reading

Time For a Content Strategy Pivot? Here’s How To Decide (and Get Started)

Published: 2022-12-14

Have things changed since the brand created its content marketing strategy? Probably. Then you probably need to consider a content pivot. Continue reading

Editorial Calendar Tools and Templates To Help You Master Your Content To-Do List

Published: 2022-12-12

Chances are you’ve been using the same editorial calendar format for years. Here’s some advice on how to make improvements that will help in creation, process, reporting, and more. (And if you don’t have a calendar, start here.)

  Continue reading

5 Building Blocks for Connecting Content to B2B Revenue Growth

Published: 2022-12-08

You’ll struggle to show content’s impact on revenue unless you focus on these five elements, according to Forrester analyst Phyllis Davidson. And (surprise) performance measurement is only part of the story – developing and tracking a strategic process matters, too. Continue reading

80+ Content Marketing Trends for Success in 2023

Published: 2022-12-05

Will your content marketing plans weather the changes ahead? More than 80 thought leaders, award winners, and subject matter experts offer their advice and insights on the content trends that will have the most impact on your plans and success in 2023. Find out if you’re adequately prepared (and where to focus if you’re not). Continue reading

The New Chief Content Officer: Why the Job Description Must Change

Published: 2022-11-15

Content leadership today covers more than marketing. The chief content officer (regardless of the actual title) guides the content that makes up every experience a customer, audience member, or prospect has with your brand. Use this updated job description to find the right leader – or as a guide to becoming one. Continue reading

Should Your Content Team Play to Its Strengths or Fix Its Weaknesses? [Rose-Colored Glasses]

Published: 2022-10-07

Every content marketing team has strengths and weaknesses. Should you double down on those strengths? Or take steps to shore up the weaknesses? The answer isn’t always obvious, but one thing will help you decide. Continue reading

More Helpful Content Dos and Don’ts for New Google Update

Published: 2022-09-27

Follow these five dos and seven don’ts to improve your response to Google’s new helpful content update. Spoiler alert: It’s all about your audience. Continue reading

Why You Should Treat Content Marketing Like a Golf Game [Rose-Colored Glasses]

Published: 2022-09-02

Stop trying to figure out how to produce more content. Instead, figure out how to produce more holes-in-one. Robert Rose explains how to win the content marketing game by taking fewer swings. Continue reading

Don’t Waste Your Content Marketing Budget on These Avoidable Mistakes

Published: 2022-08-25

A budget increase doesn’t mean you can afford to make wasteful mistakes. Trim these costly errors and oversights out of your content marketing to maximize every dollar you get. Continue reading