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A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Brand Publisher

Published: 2015-03-22

The New York Times didn’t become successful without having solid processes and structures to create relevant, repeatable, scalable content. Brand publishers need to do the same. Start with these steps for effective brand publishing. Continue reading

9 Lessons Content Marketers Can Learn from Traditional Journalism

Published: 2015-02-26

Improve your content marketing by learning from a field responsible for producing content people will buy for hundreds of years – journalism. These nine journalistic lessons will help you better engage and build trust with readers. Continue reading

Why We Should Take the Brand out of Branded Content

Published: 2014-09-18

Legions of marketing and communication professionals had their training during the era of mass communication, resulting in the belief that the best way to attract attention is to talk long and hard about themselves. The media produces content the public wants — content that’s not simply pushed into the faces of its audience but, rather, where the audience has made a conscious choice to engage in the content. Take a lesson from the media world and find out more about why (and how) to take the brand out of branded content. Continue reading

This Week in Content Marketing: Authorship Is Dead, Journalism Isn’t

Published: 2014-09-06

In this episode, Robert and Joe talk about the excitement building for next week’s Content Marketing World conference, speculate about why Google killed its Authorship initiative, and praise changes made at The Washington Post since Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos bought it a year ago. Rants and raves include an iPhone app that may represent a powerful new ecommerce model, upscale moves by Denny’s, and the greatly exaggerated “death” of journalism. Continue reading

Purpose-Driven Content Marketing: Brands That Give and Get

Published: 2014-08-22

Purpose-driven content marketing is a way for a business or brand to bond with a target audience based on shared needs and interests — including interest in supporting a worthy cause. Get more perspective on the topic — and examples of brands that do it well — from CMI contributors and online training instructors and Content Marketing World speakers. Continue reading

Stop Building Your Branded Content on “Rented Land”

Published: 2014-03-08

This week, Joe and Robert discuss the LinkedIn job bank fiasco and debate whether or not agencies really can do content marketing well. They also share their thoughts on why marketers shouldn’t publish on “rented land” and offer some critical reviews of Facebook’s algorithm changes, before exploring Patagonia’s content initiative aimed at reducing the adverse impact of its social and environmental footprint. Continue reading

Native Advertising and the Debate on Content Marketing as Journalism

Published: 2013-11-30

On this week’s This Old Marketing podcast, we talk more about native advertising and the debate on content marketing as journalism. We also include our usual Rants & Raves segment and another example from the long history of content marketing. Listen in, and let us know what you think. Continue reading

Brands in Glass Houses

Published: 2013-09-05

How to Embrace Transparency and Grow Your Business with Content Marketing By Dechay Watts and Debbie Williams, with Said Baaghil Enjoy and share a sneak peek of the book! Free Preview! Buy the Book! About the Book Today, successful companies … Continue reading

Turn Your People into Better Brand Journalists: 4 Newsroom Practices

Published: 2013-07-21

To position your organization as a leader in your industry, turn your teammates into better brand journalists by adopting these 4 newsroom practices. If you have the time and resources, it will really make a difference in your efforts to stay ahead of your customers — and be recognized as a brand they can rely on to keep them informed. Continue reading

Data-Driven Brand Storytelling: 6 Steps to a Credible Story

Published: 2012-10-18

There are mountains of data, on the internet and elsewhere, that organizations can use to develop credible stories that are infused with insight, relevance, and inspiration. Pave the way to more credible stories with these 6 steps for data-driven brand storytelling. Continue reading