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Visual Content: The Key to Effective Brand Storytelling

Published: 2014-08-11

A majority of people are visual learners. They love visual content, and the more enriching it is, the deeper and more lasting the impression your content makes. Find out more about why visual content is the key to effective brand storytelling. But don’t take our word for it. Take a look. Continue reading

Tips for Maximizing the Storytelling Impact of Visual Content

Published: 2014-06-05

Visual content has quickly emerged as a powerful tool that can help messages break through the clutter online, stand out from the competition, and persuade audiences — but only if it’s created and positioned correctly. Use these tips to maximize the storytelling impact of your visual content. Continue reading

4 Ways Visual Content Can Enhance Your Ecommerce User Experience

Published: 2014-05-16

Images and videos are fast becoming crucial elements of digital marketing. With the rise of social sharing, brands are looking for ways to enhance the value of their content with visual imagery and grab audience attention. Discover 4 smart ways visual content can enhance your business’ ecommerce user experience. Continue reading

How to Create Visual Content with this Simple, Dirt Cheap Tool

Published: 2014-05-05

Historically, the best visual content had to be created by highly skilled professionals with massively complex suites of tools. Thankfully, a new class of tools is emerging that offers a simpler, leaner approach for us mere mortals. Find out how to create visual content and tailor it to your needs with this simple tool. Continue reading

What Keeps Brilliant Visual Content From Being Shared

Published: 2014-04-25

Visual content like infographics can rocket your business to the top of the social food chain — but only if it’s supported by the right strategy that optimizes its sharing potential. Here, we take a look at why a deeply moving story failed to rise to the top of the social sea. Continue reading

Use Visual Content to Engage Your Audience: 9 Tips and 25 Examples

Published: 2014-04-24

Words aren’t enough to keep customers and prospects engaged these days. To inspire you to add compelling visuals to your next content project, the CMI team has put together a new Visual Content Marketing Look Book featuring 25 best-in-class examples. Use these 25 examples and nine tips to create more captivating visual content for your audience. Continue reading

Visual Content Marketing on 3 Major Networks: Ideas and Inspiration

Published: 2014-04-01

To a marketer, a picture can be worth so much more than a thousand words. You may be creating a presence on visual marketing-specific sites or revising your existing strategy on familiar networks to include more visual elements. Either way, get fresh ideas and inspiration for your visual content marketing from these brand examples on 3 major networks. Continue reading

How to Keep Infographics from Ruining Your Visual Content: 8 Rules

Published: 2014-01-07

Have we devolved into a society of such die-hard visual learners that we can’t be bothered with text formats at all? An overload of infographics is swallowing many content marketing efforts whole. Find out how to make these visuals enhance your message — not muddle it. Continue reading

The Magic of Graphic Recording: Turning Live Talks into Visual Content

Published: 2013-11-24

Graphic recording marries words and images to convey an idea. The best part? The process happens live, usually at professional events where attendees can watch and learn. Find out more about how marketers can bring their content to life through graphic recording. Continue reading

12 Insights for Visual Content Success with Infographics

Published: 2013-11-17

With all the stiff competition for consumer attention on the web, it takes more than creative wording to really stand out. An infographic is a compelling way to use visual content to tell a rich story at a glance. Get 12 insights for content success with infographics. Continue reading