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Do-It-Yourself Video?

Published: 2011-10-10

A video producer explores the limits of DIY and the absolute importance of b-roll. I never argue that all video must be professionally made. In many cases, creating your own … Continue reading

Featured White Papers

Published: 2011-10-02

The Content Marketing Institute is pleased to partner with thought leaders to bring you sponsored white papers that are relevant to content marketers. Statista Content Marketing Compass 2022 – the … Continue reading

Your Klout Score: Why You Need to Care Now

Published: 2011-09-28

Get ready to hear a lot more about Klout in the next few months. What is Klout?  In basic terms, Klout measures your online influence and your ability to drive … Continue reading

6 Steps to Successful Blogging

Published: 2011-09-23

I had the pleasure of presenting to over 100 HVAC contractors today at HVAC Comfortech 2011 on how they can position themselves as THE home comfort services expert in their … Continue reading

Bringing Down the House: How SEO is Like Blackjack

Published: 2011-09-19

“The best part? It’s beatable.” – Kevin Spacey’s character, describing blackjack in the film, 21 A while back, those skilled in the art of counting cards were able to walk … Continue reading

A Real Time Live Blog from the David Meerman Scott Session

Published: 2011-09-07

This morning, I had the opportunity to sit in on David Meerman Scott’s keynote presentation during day one of Content Marketing World.  In the session, David stressed the importance of … Continue reading

Custom Magazine: Small Steps for Big Success

Published: 2011-09-01

Think that once you send a custom magazine issue to print your job is done (until you start producing the next issue)? There is still a lot of work to … Continue reading

Are You Hijacking the News in Your Industry?

Published: 2011-08-17

My good friend Morgan Hurley from the Society of Fire Protection Engineers sent me this article from Fast Company on how brands like LEGO and Nike are working to “hijack … Continue reading

6 Steps to Follow When Producing a Custom Magazine

Published: 2011-08-16

The closer you get to the finish line the less time you have for creative thinking. That’s why thorough planning makes the whole magazine production process easier, reduces the stress … Continue reading

What You Should Know About Running a Successful Blogging Contest

Published: 2011-07-20

When blogging for business, two challenges always seem to cause content creators and moderators headaches: What should I write about? How much content should I be creating? One way to … Continue reading