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Published: 2012-03-26

CMI Press Release Archive   Looking for more up-to-date news?  Check out our current Press Release Page here.    December 7, 2016 – BUSINESS WIRE UK Marketers Who are Committed … Continue reading

Etch A Sketch Wins, Then Loses with Social Media

Published: 2012-03-23

The explosion of Etch a Sketch comments around Mitt Romney’s campaign could have worked even better for Ohio Arts. Unfortunately, this was a lost opportunity to build media channels for the Ohio-based company. Continue reading

5 Tips for Creating Customer Testimonial Podcasts

Published: 2012-03-21

For many prospects actually hearing real customers endorse a product or service can be very convincing. Use these guidelines to make the most of your customer interviews and produce high quality customer testimonial podcasts. Continue reading

4 Ways to Tell if You’re Getting the Right Visitors to Your Business Blog

Published: 2012-03-19

It’s nice to have high traffic on your website, but the number of visitors your site receives does not tell the whole story. Try these strategies for assessing whether your business blog — and other content marketing efforts — are reaching and engaging the right audiences. Continue reading

Brand Storytelling Lessons You Can Steal from Hollywood

Published: 2012-02-09

The trend of borrowing marketing concepts from Hollywood is exploding in popularity. These brand storytelling techniques may have been devised to promote television and film, but the possibilities are endless in applying them to other content products. Here are some key examples. Continue reading

Social Media Study: Corporate Blogging On The Decline?

Published: 2012-02-08

Is blogging an old-fashioned tool or the linchpin of a successful marketing campaign? It’s a question you might be asking if you’ve read the new research by Dartmouth’s Center for Marketing Research. Continue reading

The Essential Guide to Meta Descriptions That Will Get You Found Online

Published: 2012-02-02

With the rise of social media, meta descriptions are more valuable than ever. Meta descriptions are little snippets that appear in search engine results and with links shared on social media sites. Here is the essential guide to crafting meta descriptions that will help your content get found online. Continue reading

McDonald’s Social Media Goes Wrong? Not a Chance

Published: 2012-01-27

You’d have to be living in a cave not to be aware of the now historic McDonald’s Twitter campaign launched a few days ago. If you’ve been out of it for … Continue reading

Creating a Powerful Global to Local B2B Brand Impression with Video: 5 Steps

Published: 2012-01-06

Pam Didner shares how a 40-second video re-defined a U.S.-based home-office B2B brand to a globally-recognized name, using storytelling and the universal human experience as the content message. Continue reading

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Published: 2011-12-23

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