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Brand Storytelling: Turning Casual Fans into Passionate Followers

Published: 2014-09-07

Many brands build communities and acquire fans, but precious few turn casual fans into passionate followers through their marketing strategy. One notable exception is Black Milk, a quirky Australian fashion brand. Find out how Black Milk uses brand storytelling to chart the future of retail, social cliques, and the so-called “third shelf.” Continue reading

Build Strong Brand Storytelling From the Inside Out

Published: 2014-08-25

Our employees are at the heart of what makes brand storytelling come to life and create meaningful experiences for customers. If we expect to be able to go “all-in” with successful content marketing, we have to think about the role our employees play in getting us there. Find out how to build strong brand storytelling from the inside out. Continue reading

4 Tactics for Managing Your Army of Influencers

Published: 2014-08-06

All too often, the best laid plans for influencer marketing fall apart due to one simple assumption: that managing the influencers and their content will be the easy part. In reality, however, this can end up being the most complex and time-consuming aspect of your program. Use these 4 tactics to manage your army of influencers. Continue reading

The One Change Facebook Made that Led to $1 Billion

Published: 2014-07-07

One of the top challenges enterprise organizations experience in developing successful content marketing programs is a lack of alignment around employee goals. Take a page from Facebook: Finding the right metrics for gauging content success is just as important as any other business decision you will ever make. Continue reading

Brand Storytelling Lessons From a Successful Screenwriting Instructor

Published: 2014-07-02

Just because storytelling is becoming more popular doesn’t mean it’s always being done well. In truth, effective storytelling is deceptively difficult, requiring dedication, focus, and ongoing practice. Get some brand storytelling lessons from a successful screenwriter. Continue reading

How Brands Could Destroy Native Advertising

Published: 2014-06-21

In this episode, Robert and Joe discuss whether brands will destroy the native advertising opportunity and whether you can actually program native to audiences. In addition, we banter about the Red Bull Media House model and how many brands will follow its publishing structure. Then, Robert rants and raves about the Dumb Ways to Die franchise, while I rant about the closed atmosphere at the U.S. Open. Listen in. Continue reading

Four Steps to Audience Profiles That Pay Off [White Paper]

Published: 2014-06-06

Content That Connects Starts With Audience Insights Knowing your audience is key to any winning content strategy. This white paper tells how to establish audience insights through profiles and personas … Continue reading

Help Your Owned Media Hit its Goals: Combine Earned and Paid Promotion

Published: 2014-05-27

If your brand struggles with content marketing effectiveness, you may see better results if you step down content production and step up your distribution and promotion efforts. Find out how to help your owned media hit its goals by combining earned and paid promotion. Continue reading

How to Prepare Your Brand for Business Storytelling Success

Published: 2014-04-23

Business storytelling leverages well-crafted narratives in a diverse range of content types. When it’s done well, it can effectively support your brand, forging a strong connection with your audience members and compelling them to come back for more. Learn how to develop a plan for your brand’s business storytelling success. Continue reading

How to Spot True Social Media Talent Amongst the ‘Experts’

Published: 2014-04-15

These days, it appears almost anyone can declare him or herself an expert at social media content. But falling for the self-promoting hype can be costly to your campaign — and your business. Find out how to spot true social media talent among the “experts.” Continue reading