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How to Use Social Listening on LinkedIn for Real-Time Publishing

Published: 2013-08-08

Augmenting a typical content strategy with real-time understanding of trends gives content marketers a huge advantage. To join the conversation, you have to hear what your audience is saying. Find out how to use social listening on LinkedIn to boost your real-time publishing efforts. Continue reading

Turn Your People into Better Brand Journalists: 4 Newsroom Practices

Published: 2013-07-21

To position your organization as a leader in your industry, turn your teammates into better brand journalists by adopting these 4 newsroom practices. If you have the time and resources, it will really make a difference in your efforts to stay ahead of your customers — and be recognized as a brand they can rely on to keep them informed. Continue reading

7 Ways to Make Brand Journalism Work for Your Business

Published: 2013-06-30

Although the term “brand journalism” may seem like an oxymoron, the practice has much to offer companies, and journalists can write great stories for a brand. Find out 7 key ways to make brand journalism work for your business by taking the time to develop credible, engaging content for the right audience. Continue reading

Find the Heart of Your Brand Storytelling with These 6 Questions

Published: 2013-06-19

Stories make life interesting and give people a way to connect. People crave them, which creates a big opportunity for brand storytelling. Here are a few basic questions to answer to help you reach the heart of your brand’s story. Continue reading

Why SEO May Be Irrelevant When It Comes to B2B Thought Leadership

Published: 2013-06-09

When it comes to the complex B2B major sales process, SEO isn’t particularly relevant. It’s not about “getting found,” it’s about credibility. Find out what kinds of content are effective at boosting credibility and demonstrating thought leadership in the marketing of high-end professional firms. Continue reading

How to Build an Inbound Website [White Paper]

Published: 2013-05-21

Hands On Guide Learn how to extend your inbound marketing strategy to your entire website with actionable tips and best practices that help you increase visitors, leads and conversions. In … Continue reading

How to Build Online Engagement With Health Care Communities

Published: 2013-05-13

Credibility and trust are essential in online health care communities. Find out how health care companies build online engagement and safeguard their credibility in online communities. Continue reading

Corporate Storytelling: Cross the Paid, Earned, and Owned Divide

Published: 2013-05-08

With the explosion of digital channels and new technologies, “paid, earned, and owned” is a less useful way of looking at media strategy than it used to be. Take a look at how brands and agencies are adjusting to a new media landscape. Continue reading

Mobile Maturity Model [White Paper]

Published: 2013-04-19

Moving from Mobile Failure to Mobile First This whitepaper outlines a straightforward model for assessing where your organization stands today with your mobile strategy. Business and IT readers can use … Continue reading

3 Tips for Keeping Your Buyer Personas Fresh and Alive

Published: 2013-04-18

Whether your content marketing targets B2B or B2C audiences, don’t rely on old assumptions. Your audience, like your strategy, could be undergoing continual shifts, evolutions, and transformations. Use these 3 tips to keep your buyer personas fresh and alive. Continue reading