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Three Things Now! – Content Marketing, Listening and Social Media

Published: 2009-04-14

I gave this presentation last week at the Esource Utility Marketing Conference in Phoenix, AZ. Three Things NOW! – Content Marketing, Listening and Social Media View more presentations from Joe Pulizzi. Here are a couple key takeaways from the presentation … Continue reading

Content Marketing: The Present and Future of Public Relations?

Published: 2009-01-14

I gave a luncheon presentation entitled Content Marketing: The Present and Future of PR? yesterday for my new friends at Cincinnati PRSA. Content Marketing: The Present and Future of PR? View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: cincinnati 42) … Continue reading

42+ Social Media and Content Marketing Predictions for 2009

Published: 2008-12-21

Some people hate them, but I’m a sucker for prediction articles. The switch over to the next calendar year always provides the perfect scenario to decide what the fate of marketing will be. We reached out to the Junta42 community, … Continue reading

Writing a Book? 6 Ways to Launch Your Book Using Social Media

Published: 2008-10-29

It’s funny…the more our society focuses on the Internet, the more niche print books you tend to see.  Sounds counter intuitive, but the Long Tail has created opportunities in book publishing that were never before imaginable. Since we have the … Continue reading

15 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Custom Magazine

Published: 2008-10-16

Almost every company in the world has some kind of customized magazine or newsletter. According to the Custom Publishing Council, there are more than 100,000 custom publications in the United States alone. Sadly, many companies don’t leverage their custom magazine … Continue reading

What You Need to Know about Content Marketing

Published: 2008-10-10

Just read this article by Steve Tobak on bnet entitled “What You Need to Know about Branding.” Very cool article and worth checking out.  In the article, Steve contends that there are five key points that every manager needs to … Continue reading

The Trickle Out of Traditional Media into Content Marketing Turns to Flood Starting Now

Published: 2008-10-08

I have been hesitant to push this concept too much, but the evidence is just too vast to ignore anymore.  Those of you who are readers of this blog know that I’ve been talking about the push into content marketing … Continue reading

Six Strategies for Keeping Content Fresh

Published: 2008-09-15

I’m a content guy.  I’m not a landscaper or outdoors man. I’ve tried a few times, but the results haven’t been pretty. That said, the cherry blossom tree in our front yard needed some major cleanup. There were many branches … Continue reading

113 Expert and Best Business Quotes of All-Time

Published: 2008-06-29

I found this listing of expert and best business quotes in a presentation from Razorleaf’s Paul Gimbel at SolidWorks World 2008. (Razorleaf is one of the leaders in engineering and manufacturing process management.) There are some gems in here for … Continue reading

10 Keys to Writing a Book when You Have Absolutely No Time to Write a Book

Published: 2008-05-22

Well, after nine months of hard labor, I received the pre-press version of my book (with co-author Newt Barrett) delivered UPS yesterday. The book is entitled Get Content. Get Customers. – How to use content marketing to deliver relevant, valuable, … Continue reading