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Leveraging Free Writing to Solve Content Marketing Block

Published: 2010-07-07

Had an outstanding conversation with Mark Levy yesterday (who among other things is author of Accidental Genius). Mark gave me a crash course in something called free writing.  Free writing, also called stream-of-consciousness writing, is a writing technique where you … Continue reading

How to Use Content Marketing to Build Your Brand: One Company’s Story


As content marketers know, by creating and developing valuable, useful content, your brand may become a thought leader over time. Who doesn’t want that? Think about it. At some point, every marketer is tasked with positioning his or her brand … Continue reading

How to Discover Your Competitors’ Most-Shared Content

Published: 2010-07-06

As a content marketer, one of the audiences you need to be aware of is your linking audience. This consists of the individuals who publish, curate, report on, discuss, argue about and share info about your target market. This audience … Continue reading

Get Inspired: How a Clever Design of an Email Banner Can Improve Content

Published: 2010-07-05

As most content marketers know, great content is more than compelling words. You want your readers to want to read your content, which makes design a critical part of any website, email or stand-alone piece. While this is something you … Continue reading

14 Content Marketing Quotes to Live By

Published: 2010-07-01

Last month, I participated in Web Content 2010 (here is the presentation on higher purpose content marketing). Someone (who asked not to be named) sent me a number of tweets from that event that they found inspiring from my presentation. … Continue reading

How to Create Content That Engages At Face-to-Face Meetings


When marketers think of the reasons why they need great content, they often think about their online marketing programs, but content is just as important for in-person meetings and events. In fact, great content, whether it’s a formal session or … Continue reading

How to Find Content Ideas in Your Web Analytics Report

Published: 2010-06-30

Did you know that your Web analytics application is a wealth of information when it comes to generating ideas for new content? If you are like many people I know, you may look at the top 10 or 20 keywords … Continue reading

How To Effectively Manage the Content Marketing Process

Published: 2010-06-29

One of the most popular questions we get at the Content Marketing Institute is how to effectively manage the content marketing process.  Although there are many ways to go about resourcing for content marketing projects within an organization, here are … Continue reading

Get Your Contributor Badge

Published: 2010-06-26

Blog GET YOUR CONTRIBUTOR BADGE Thanks for contributing to the Content Marketing Institute! If you would like to point your readers to your posts on CMI, download one of the badges below. When you upload a badge to your own … Continue reading

How to Develop Content Based on A Need Stage

Published: 2010-06-25

There has been lots of good discussion about the role of content and the “sales funnel.” For instance, Robert Rose had a two-part  series on segmenting based on personas and lead stage. There are also good arguments to flip or even … Continue reading