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Does Branded Integration Really Work?

Published: 2010-01-19

Thanks to Randall Beard, EVP and General Manager – Nielsen, for sharing this week’s guest post… Instead of using your own content marketing to surround and reinforce your brand, what … Continue reading

100 Social Media & Content Marketing Predictions for 2010

Published: 2009-12-14

Some things amaze me, like this year’s social media and content marketing predictions list.  What does one sent email and two tweets equal?  Over 100 predictions from 60+ of the … Continue reading

10 Corporate Blogging Tips and Strategies

Published: 2009-11-18

Ambal from Click Documents asked me if I had any tips/strategies for corporate blogging.  The presentation below is a corporate blogging basics presentation useful for beginning bloggers.  That said, here … Continue reading

Top 10 Twitter Basics Questions Answered

Published: 2009-11-10

Just about every day I answer a question about using Twitter, the microblogging tool. I’ve put them together in this handy post.  Enjoy, and, if you like getting information on … Continue reading

Creating Consistent Content – A Content Marketing Plan

Published: 2009-10-16

The following is a guest post courtesy of Russell Sparkman from Fusionspark Media, a new media communications company based in Washington state. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Russell … Continue reading

The 4 Step Content Strategy Program – Content Strategy Simplified

Published: 2009-10-07

Let's face it.  Content strategy is not easy.  Actually, it's pretty difficult. Those that regularly read this blog know I've been covering it more recently: Content Strategy Comes Before Social … Continue reading

20 Questions to Ask before You Launch Your Content Project

Published: 2009-09-18

As usual, Seth has done it again. I’ve taken Seth’s questions to ask on launching your next website and adapted them a bit for content marketing. As you put your … Continue reading

Social Media Starts with a Content Strategy

Published: 2009-09-17

Had the pleasure of giving this presentation for Virtual MENG (Marketing Executives Networking Group) yesterday on social media and content marketing. Some key takeaways from the presentation: The key to … Continue reading

Six Steps to Content Marketing Execution Success

Published: 2009-09-14

Just finished this last post on content strategy before content marketing, then saw this perfect post from Seth Godin. It really puts what we are trying to accomplish with content … Continue reading

The B.E.S.T. Method for Content Strategy (what you do before Content Marketing)

Published: 2009-09-10

Core point: Don’t start executing on your content marketing until you have a sound content strategy. Yes, easier said than done, but so many of us get infatuated with a … Continue reading