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Technology Marketers Hold Steady With Content Marketing [Exclusive Research]

Published: 2016-03-23

Technology marketers report the highest adoption rate of content marketing among all groups of marketers we survey. However, they face a host of unique challenges. Read on for CMI’s latest research into B2B tech content marketing. Continue reading

Technology Marketers Holding Steady When It Comes to Content Marketing

Published: 2015-10-01

Content Marketing Institute Releases New Research on B2B Technology Content Marketing March 23, 2016 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time CLEVELAND–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Most technology marketers have adopted content marketing (95%), are allocating more of their budget to it and are using a … Continue reading

This Week in Content Marketing: Content Marketing Technology Investments Top $1 Billion

Published: 2015-09-19

In This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert talk content’s move to the middle, content marketing tech investment topping $1 billion, Uber’s new real paper in-car mag, BuzzFeed deal, how only 17% follow buyer’s journey, plus rants and raves. Continue reading

The State of Event Marketing in the Technology Sector

Published: 2015-08-10

70% of B2B marketers say events are their top marketing tactic. This State of Event Marketing study surveyed B2B marketers in the technology sector to learn: How much marketers spend on events – and how their budgets are divided up … Continue reading

Research: Technology Marketers Align Around Lead Gen

Published: 2015-03-25

Of all marketer segments studied, technology marketers are the most focused on lead generation as a goal for content marketing. Read the latest insight from our B2B Technology Content Marketing: 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends. Continue reading

The Technology Behind The Language of Content Strategy

Published: 2015-02-05

Richard Hamilton, owner of XML Press, describes the automated production of the “Language of Content Strategy” print book, e-book, website, audio files, and card deck. Continue reading

Wearable Technology: Content Fit for Storytelling

Published: 2014-12-03

Amid smart glasses, watches and other intelligent accessories, a wearable device that aids in the storytelling process may seem to be the most natural fit of all. Discover how wearable tech can inspire your content marketing future. Continue reading

Choosing the Right Marketing Technology: The Yelp of Software Reviews

Published: 2014-11-04

How do you make the right content marketing technology choice for your company? Check out G2 Crowd, where reviewers are authenticated and you don’t have to be a member to view the majority of information on the site. Read more about how this small company is disrupting the big market research firms, and what it means for your software product search. Continue reading

Technology Marketers Urgently Need to Document Their Content Marketing Strategy

Published: 2014-03-27

Looking for insight into how technology marketers are using content marketing? (Most surveyed say the are using it!) Check out Content Marketing Institute’s newest research report. The report finds evidence that technology marketers urgently need to document their content marketing strategy to improve overall effectiveness. Continue reading

New Content Marketing Technology Report Analyzes Content Curation & Conversation Tools for Marketers

Published: 2013-12-02

Report provides analyst coverage of 12 technology solutions that marketers can use to curate content and create engagement around their brands CLEVELAND, Nov. 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — A new report from Content Marketing Institute (CMI) provides in-depth analysis on 12 technology vendors … Continue reading