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How SecureWorks Took Content Strategy From Guesswork to Game Changing

Published: 2017-08-24

When Kira Mondrus joined SecureWorks, she wouldn’t start content marketing without personas and journey maps. She and her team built that necessary foundation and found success. Now she’s a 2017 Content Marketer of the Year finalist. Continue reading

Why You Need Content Strategy Before Editorial Planning

Published: 2017-03-30

You know your voice and tone, you know what formats and channels you’re going to create content for, and you know how often you’re going to publish or share content.
Great! Except that’s not a content strategy. It’s an editorial plan.
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How to Architect Your Content Strategy

Published: 2017-01-12

A content strategy must be documented … but architected? Why and how do you do that? Discover how Blackbaud does it without using the phrase “content strategy,” which could scare the content team. Continue reading

A Content Strategy Starter Kit for Marketers

Published: 2016-12-15

To make good content decisions for the business, you have to think strategically. And to think strategically about content, you need tools. Get started with this three-step content strategy starter kit. Continue reading

10 Content Strategy Practices That Will Make You a Better Marketer

Published: 2016-06-02

Why are we passionate about content strategy in the marketing world? Adopting these 10 content strategy practices gives you a happier audience (they can find what they need) and a happier team (they help the business meet its goals). Continue reading

A Take on 3 Confusing Terms: Content Marketing, Content Strategy, Content Marketing Strategy

Published: 2016-03-31

Do you know the differences among “content marketing,” “content strategy,” and “content marketing strategy”? Stop using the terms interchangeably. Let’s explain the differences and similarities, and share why you need to care. Continue reading

Demystifying Content Strategy: Key Takeaways From Intelligent Content Conference 2016

Published: 2016-03-17

We can’t be so busy creating content that we fail to look up. We must clarify the meaning of what we’re doing to create a path worth following. Start with these eight themes that emerged from the Intelligent Content Conference. Continue reading

Upgrade Your Content Strategy – Feb 2016

Published: 2016-02-04

Content Strategy Musings for Forward-Thinking Marketers 

Published: 2015-12-30

Readers of Content Strategy for Marketers eavesdrop on Robert Rose each week as he weaves quick stories with his observations on content marketing and content strategy. Now, read the 2015 anthology, starting with these favorites. Continue reading

The 2015 Content Strategy Field Journal: Ideas From Robert Rose [e-book]

Published: 2015-12-28

If you are a forward-thinking marketer interested in content, have we got the anthology for you. Early in 2015, CMI’s Chief Strategy Officer Robert Rose initiated a weekly newsletter – Content Strategy for Marketers –­ in which he muses on … Continue reading