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User-Generated Content: Where Does It Fit in Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Published: 2017-10-03

User-generated content is powerful because it taps into people’s inherent desire to be recognized and appreciated. Tap into that opportunity with these four ideas for users to create content (and subsequently promote) your brand. Continue reading

How to Keep Your Content Marketing Strategy From Getting Hijacked

Published: 2017-09-22

Early success in content marketing may draw attention from other areas of the organization … but not all attention is positive. Consider these risks before your content triumphs turn into liabilities. Continue reading

How to Use Your Content Marketing Strategy to Write a Book

Published: 2017-09-18

By authoring a book, your company can engage your audience on another level, generate new business and press, and cement itself as an industry leader. And you already have a great starting point – your content marketing strategy. Continue reading

How to Integrate Guest Blogging Into Your Content Marketing Strategy

Published: 2017-09-15

Is your content marketing strategy missing the guest-contributed content piece of the puzzle? Learn more about why your content published on third-party sites can make a critical difference – and how to get started. Continue reading

Your Editorial Calendar is Not Your Content Marketing Strategy

Published: 2017-05-05

This author wants to yell from the rooftops: An editorial calendar is not a content marketing strategy! It’s not an issue of semantics. It’s an issue that leads to a much bigger issue – less effective content marketing. Continue reading

Simplify Your Content Marketing Strategy with a One-Page Plan

Published: 2017-04-07

A content marketing program is more likely to succeed when it has a documented marketing strategy. Don’t wait another minute. Create a comprehensive one-page content marketing strategy today. Here’s how.

Continue reading

Not Documenting Your Content Marketing Strategy?  Here’s What to Do About It

Published: 2016-12-05

The majority of marketers still do not document their content plans in any way. Here are the eight most frequently cited reasons (excuses?) and advice from the Content Marketing Institute’s founder on how to address each one. Continue reading

A Simple Approach to Document Your Content Marketing Strategy

Published: 2016-10-10

Let your competitors waste their resources publishing more and more content. You should go out and build a loyal audience that will reap rewards for years. Document your plan and create your business case with these 36 questions. Continue reading

How Does Native Advertising Fit in a Content Marketing Strategy?

Published: 2016-09-14

You need to be thinking beyond owned and earned channels in your content marketing programs. Enter native advertising. Where does it fit within the larger context of a content marketing strategy? It’s time to think about your answer. Continue reading

9 Mistakes You Might Be Making With Your Content Marketing Strategy

Published: 2016-07-05

Doing content marketing right is no easy feat. I’ve spotted a few common and easy-to-make mistakes that many marketers make. Here are nine of them along with the fixes to create a more effective content marketing program. Continue reading