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This Week in Content Marketing: Go Home Facebook, Your Journalism Project Is Drunk

Published: 2017-01-21

This week, we explore Facebook’s Journalism Project, and find irony in an attack on Star Magazine. Our rants include a soda promotion that fizzled out; then we wrap up with a lesson on finding your growth potential through content. Continue reading

5 Lessons Content Marketing Can Learn from Journalism

Published: 2016-12-21

How can we build a bridge between content marketing and journalism? An award-winning journalist turned content marketer shares five lessons that have carried over and things you can start doing today. Continue reading

This Week in Content Marketing: Could Brands Cure Traditional Media’s Run to Eyeballs?

Published: 2016-12-03

This week, the guys ponder Airbnb’s puzzling magazine launch, the existence of content blindness, and the impending extinction of ad-supported media, then share rants, raves and an example of the week from the founders of HubSpot. Continue reading

This Week in Content Marketing: The Future Owners of Newspapers? Brand Marketers 

Published: 2016-08-27

The guys discuss John Oliver’s take on the broken business model of newspapers, and explain why marketers should view social media shutdowns as an expectation, not an exception – plus rants, raves, and our example of the week. Continue reading

This Week in Content Marketing: How Brands Could Inherit the Web

Published: 2016-07-30

The guys talk content marketing-related acquisitions – Yahoo! and Dollar Shave Club – plus Medium’s content marketplace, New York Times content studio now an agency, rants and raves (yep, they talk native advertising). Continue reading

Why Brands Need to Acquire a Media Company [Here’s How]

Published: 2015-12-02

Why don’t more B2B and B2C brands consider purchasing media brands and blogger sites as a shortcut to building a content brand with some teeth? I think they should and reveal the questions you should start asking to take the lead role. Continue reading

This Week in Content Marketing: Consistent Content Is Key (And Most Brands Can’t Do It)

Published: 2015-11-07

Joe and Robert talk major podcasting plays. They discuss why advertising may have led to YouTube Red and question Zuckerberg’s comment that ads make Facebook better. Plus rants and raves on The Weather Company, Nike, and Grantland. Continue reading

Brand Backstory: Where Your Content Marketing Strategy Is Born

Published: 2015-10-12

Brand backstory is the “why” the company is what it is today. Every company has a captivating backstory, but many aren’t making full use of it, and their brand’s content building blocks are missing a key piece. Here’s how to find it. Continue reading

This Week in Content Marketing: End of Days for Digital Display Spells Opportunity for Brands

Published: 2015-08-22

In This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert talk Google, or should we say, Alphabet, and a critical issue for publishers – the demise of online display advertising. Plus, they discuss the hijacking of “content marketing” and share raves. Continue reading

2 Things and 9 Tips That Brand Marketers Can Learn from Publications

Published: 2015-05-31

Too many brands stray from the successful media model and publish with a “me” mentality. Brands should take their lead from publications to build engaged, loyal audiences by following these strategies and steps to success. Continue reading