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Like It or Not, Your Content Marketing Is Channel Agnostic

Published: 2011-08-04

What does agnostic marketing mean? Alan Maites uses this definition: “We make marketing decisions impartially, without inherent bias for or against any one kind of communications channel – TV, print, online, direct mail, etc.” Okay, makes sense right?  Well, how … Continue reading

Peter Loibl Joins Content Marketing Institute as VP/Publisher for Chief Content Officer Magazine

Published: 2011-07-20

CMI is thrilled to welcome Peter Loibl to our team to lead business development and media partnerships. Peter will serve as the Vice President/Publisher for Chief Content Officer magazine and associated CMI properties including Content Marketing Institute online and the premier content marketing … Continue reading

Should Content Marketers Buy Into Content Farms?

Published: 2011-06-10

For anyone who has worked as a professional journalist, it’s certainly easy to look at the digital landscape and see the signs of a Rapture of sorts. We are seeing plenty of heated battles over intellectual property and content ownership. … Continue reading

Chief Content Officer Job Description Sample Template

Published: 2011-05-02

Editor’s note: Because the content marketing industry continues to evolve, we thought it would be a good time to revisit this essential position in an updated post. In my research, there was no current template available for a Chief Content … Continue reading

Fair Use of Online Content with Content Curation

Published: 2011-04-22

I spoke at an AMA webinar today sponsored by Curata talking about content marketing and content curation. There were a number of questions about the “fair use” of online content when it comes to content curation. Since this is a topic … Continue reading


Published: 2010-12-12

One of our favorite things about CMI is our team. While a number of us are based in Cleveland, our team is spread all around the world.   Joe Pulizzi Founder I am the Founder of the Content Marketing Institute. … Continue reading

100 Social Media & Content Marketing Predictions for 2010

Published: 2009-12-14

Some things amaze me, like this year’s social media and content marketing predictions list.  What does one sent email and two tweets equal?  Over 100 predictions from 60+ of the best and the brightest in marketing, content marketing, custom publishing … Continue reading

42+ Social Media and Content Marketing Predictions for 2009

Published: 2008-12-21

Some people hate them, but I’m a sucker for prediction articles. The switch over to the next calendar year always provides the perfect scenario to decide what the fate of marketing will be. We reached out to the Junta42 community, … Continue reading