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Print Is Not Dead! Why Your Company Needs a Book and 8 Tips to Make it Happen

Published: 2013-01-05

A blog and a book helped launch and grow what is now the Content Marketing Institute. Most companies have blogs. Your company needs a book. Here are 8 tips to help you make it happen. Continue reading

The A-to-Z Guide to Creating Marketable Web Pages

Published: 2012-08-08

When you create web pages, you essentially have three audiences that must be satisfied: the online visitor, the search engines, and the business. This guide to creating marketable web pages can help you serve all those masters. Continue reading

How to Prepare for Your First Social Media Legal Conversation

Published: 2012-07-17

A social media action plan is essential for protecting your business and its reputation from a legal standpoint. Here are some great suggestions on how to start a social media legal conversation at your company. Get all the key players together and start asking these questions. Continue reading

What Kinds of Brand-Related Videos Really Get You to Sit Up and Take Notice?

Published: 2012-07-13

With the staggering amounts of video content being uploaded to the web all the time, how do you get yours to stand out in the crowd? Our Content Marketing World speakers share some tips on what kinds of brand-related videos get them to really sit up and take notice. Continue reading

Etch A Sketch Wins, Then Loses with Social Media

Published: 2012-03-23

The explosion of Etch a Sketch comments around Mitt Romney’s campaign could have worked even better for Ohio Arts. Unfortunately, this was a lost opportunity to build media channels for the Ohio-based company. Continue reading

LinkedIn and the New Age of Influence

Published: 2012-02-10

Author Todd Wheatland explains how LinkedIn is a window into the changing nature of employment. Employers will no longer rely on your resume, but on your entire digital footprint–a trend LinkedIn is perfectly positioned to determine in the future. Continue reading

Creating a Powerful Global to Local B2B Brand Impression with Video: 5 Steps

Published: 2012-01-06

Pam Didner shares how a 40-second video re-defined a U.S.-based home-office B2B brand to a globally-recognized name, using storytelling and the universal human experience as the content message. Continue reading

Garage Band Social Media: Is Your Message on the Right Playlist?

Published: 2011-11-03

Getting information out there seems easy, right? Our hyper-connected era offers so many social media options for disseminating messages. But just because we can communicate through a variety of tools … Continue reading

Tech Tools that Social Influencers Use

Published: 2011-10-10

Tools social influencers use to launch words off the page and into social streams. Optimized Copy Natural language programming, or NLP technology, is the behind-the-scenes science that evaluates your … Continue reading

4 Steps to Publish an E-Book: Tap into Your Existing Articles

Published: 2011-06-14

Has this ever happened to you? You run around looking for your car keys. You could’ve sworn you just saw them right there on the counter. But now they’re gone. … Continue reading