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Content Marketing World Sydney 2013

Published: 2013-02-25

Welcome to Content Marketing World Sydney 2013! If you want to follow along with the event, this is the page to bookmark. You can follow the event on a number … Continue reading

Content Marketing Design: 3 Guidelines for Creating eBooks for Tablets

Published: 2013-02-01

These days it is essential for marketers to consider how readable their content is on tablet screens. For content marketing design best practices, try these 3 guidelines for creating eBooks that will work well on tablet devices and smartphones. Continue reading

Top 42 Content Marketing Blogs, Newsletters, Podcasts, and Video Series

Published: 2012-09-27

The Junta42 Top 42 Content Marketing Blogs list highlighted the best bloggers on the web discussing content marketing. Each blog on the list was rated by our expert staff in terms of … Continue reading

Why Hybrid Marketing Agencies Rule the Consulting World (and How to Prepare Your Agency for Domination)

Published: 2012-09-10

There are six types of agencies that exist in the consulting realm, but the ones that are best positioned to achieve success are disruptive hybrids — agencies that are agile and quick to offer integrated marketing campaigns with the end goal of bringing in more revenue for their clients. Find out how to set your firm up to create this disruptive success. Continue reading

Content Marketing World 2012: Content Discovery Track

Published: 2012-08-28

Content Marketing World 2012 CONTENT DISCOVERY TRACK Stay up-to-date on the Content Discovery Track at Content Marketing World 2012. Sessions include: Demand Generation/Creating Content that Converts and Shortens the Sales … Continue reading

How to Make Content Do a Better Job of Converting


Conversion rate optimization is an internet marketing discipline that focuses on creating a positive user experience that inspires conversion. Here are the essentials on how to make content do a better job of converting. Continue reading

11 Keys to Writing a Book when You Have Absolutely No Time to Write a Book

Published: 2012-08-25

A book is perhaps the ultimate piece of content marketing that can position you or your company as a leading expert in your industry. But writing a book is hard to do and very time consuming. Here are 11 keys to writing a book when you have absolutely no time to write a book. Continue reading

How to Create an Idea Dashboard to Track Your Favorite Content Ideas

Published: 2012-08-22

Content marketing productivity involves more than just creating great content. Here are the essentials on how an idea dashboard can help you track and apply the good ideas you find in the blog posts you read each week. Continue reading

The Key Skills You Need to Create Killer Corporate eBooks

Published: 2012-06-29

Where do eBooks fit into your content strategy? They’re all the rage, so it’s time to find out. Here’s a primer on the key skills you need to create a killer corporate eBook. Continue reading

The 50 Cent Approach to Content Strategy: Get Rich or Die Tryin’

Published: 2012-06-20

Most of us are fortunate enough to work without the looming fear of a drive-by, but you can certainly apply the underlying principle of resilience to content marketing. The stakes may not be as high, but try the 50 Cent approach to content strategy: “Get Rich or Die Tryin’.” Continue reading