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Learn How to Globalize Your Creative Concepts

Published: 2011-11-08

Earlier in my career when I was managing the creative development of global campaigns, my geographical counterparts often pointed out that creative needs to be customized or localized to reflect … Continue reading

Double Your Web Page Views by Adding an Image? Seriously

Published: 2011-10-17

New research from Skyword found that business-oriented web pages with images performed 91% better than those pages without images. Skyword examined the performance of tens of thousands of posts in … Continue reading

Talking Innovation: An Interview with Pam Didner from Intel

Published: 2011-10-10

Joe Pulizzi talks to Pam Didner, Global Integrated Marketing Manager for Intel, about secret agent action flicks and Intel’s hip new social platform, The Museum of Me. Joe Pulizzi: The “Intel … Continue reading

The Story Behind Intel’s Museum of Me: How to Work with an International Agency on Creative

Published: 2011-08-25

I often say in talks and articles that content is king, creative is queen. In other words, if you’re going to produce an exceptional product, you must bring your creative … Continue reading

Infographics in 15 Minutes

Published: 2011-08-22

Fifteen minutes might just be the perfect length for a presentation. It forces the speaker to focus on the essentials, and it’s over before the audience’s minds begin to wander. … Continue reading

6 Steps to Follow When Producing a Custom Magazine

Published: 2011-08-16

The closer you get to the finish line the less time you have for creative thinking. That’s why thorough planning makes the whole magazine production process easier, reduces the stress … Continue reading

The Analytics Dictionary: Demystifying Analytics Reports for Your Clients

Published: 2011-08-09

If you are truly an effective content marketer consultant, at least 25 percent of your job is educating your clients about the digital marketplace. Clients look to you to clarify … Continue reading

Launching a Printed Custom Magazine: What You Need to Do Before the First Issue

Published: 2011-08-02

Latest research in Europe found that 82% of readers spent up to 45 minutes reading a custom magazine, and 64% of readers returned to it more than once. Can you … Continue reading

Three Tests to Optimize Your Website: VBO, LPO and CRO

Published: 2011-03-10

This is the second post in a CMI series on Connection Cycle Marketing (CCM).  Our first article in this series offered an overview of CCM. Next up, we’ll look at … Continue reading

12 Ways to Get Readers to Take Action

Published: 2011-02-22

There is an old yarn that, when it comes to a ham and eggs breakfast, the chicken is involved, but the pig is committed. The most common question I get … Continue reading