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Managing the Process

There is no denying it: content marketing is a lot of work when done well. It takes elbow grease, experimentation, and perseverance. Regardless of your company size, it’s a challenge to find the time to do all of this. And, it’s even more of a project if you are trying to coordinate multiple departments at a mid-to-large size organization. If you need advice on how to manage content marketing in your organization, here is some info to help.

Who do I need on my team?

If you are putting together a team, check out this advice on the types of people and skills you need.

What kind of tools should I be using?

If there is one tool that will help you stay organized, it’s an editorial calendar. Here is the “low-down” on what this is and how to use it.

If you want to take this a step further, we recommend using software applications. Here are 8 content production tools to help you become a publishing machine.

What kind of templates and checklists should I be using?

A lot of marketers (like us, here at the Content Marketing Institute) rely on templates and checklists to keep projects on track. If you are someone who thrives on these kind of documents, check out these handy posts.

How can I get all of this done?

One of the toughest challenges is finding the time to do all of this. Here are a few posts that will help you organize your time or use tools to make you more productive.