Will my certification expire if I do not renew my annual subscription?

While your certificate of completion would be dated to show when you completed the required courses, your certification itself never expires. You can look at CMI’s Online Training & Certification program much like you would the certification for a CPR … Continue reading

Can I earn badges as I progress?

Yes. As you complete the required lessons in each track (i.e., a group of related lessons), you’ll earn badges that you can share on your website, social media profiles, or anywhere else you’d like to post them.

What do I have to do to receive certification?

To earn your certificate of completion, you must complete all the current required lessons and pass the associated exams. When you have met those requirements, you automatically receive your certificate with a date of completion on it.

What’s the best way to keep my certificate current?

We recommend keeping your subscription current, year after year. Content marketing is a constantly evolving discipline, so the curriculum is built to evolve and expand to meet emerging educational needs. As update lessons and add new ones, keeping your subscription … Continue reading

Is this program accredited?

CMI Online Training is not currently accredited by a college, university or other governing body. But rest assured that it is the most comprehensive content marketing training available.  

How does subscription work? What are my payment options?

Subscriptions grant you access to our Training program for a full year and can be paid with a credit card. If you need to make other payment arrangements, please contact us.  

Why should I invest $995 for this training program when so many are free?

There are a ton, and we mean a ton, of resources out there to help you learn about how to improve your content marketing.  Many of them are free, including lots of resources we have on the Content Marketing Institute … Continue reading

What types of results should I expect from this program? Will this pay off for me?

Like any other education, your results are only as good as how you apply what you learn.  But here’s one way to think about it.  If you go through this program and improve your efficiency or your impact by just … Continue reading

Will you be adding more lessons?

Yes. Additional lessons on new topics are in the works and will be coming soon.

What is CMI Online Training and Certification?

Content Marketing Institute Online Training and Certification is the content marketing industry’s premier online education program. Courses cover the full spectrum of content marketing, including Planning, Audience, Story, Channels, Process, Conversation, and Measurement. Subscriptions to the program provide complete, exclusive … Continue reading