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The Zen Guide to Creative Automation: 5 Mindful Practices for Content Zen

Repurposing content has long been a strategy for brand marketers. It makes sense for many creative and compliance reasons. Unfortunately, business units often work in content silos, leading to needless reinvention and rework of content that merits a broader audience. Result: Missed opportunities to multiply project bandwidth and save money.

A solution that’s gained rapid traction with creative directors, content leads, and brand managers is digital asset management (DAM). The technology allows brand leaders to leapfrog traditional creative workflow processes with automation routines that transform the production process with demonstrable speed, efficiency, quality, and effectiveness. This playbook examines how and why DAM methods are at the heart of 2100+ leading brands, helping them:

  • Automate time-consuming tasks; work in parallel with designers; and repurpose content with flair and ease.
  • Deliver more content with less stress and worry to diverse stakeholders.
  • Democratizing content in ways that lead to improved brand projection and communication effectiveness.