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The Age of Agile Content [Whitepaper]

pace_wp_coverMeet the Agile Content Engine, or ACE℠. A model that brings nimbleness to brand journalism, ACE links audience-tuned people, processes, platforms and performance and gets a brand’s authentic editorial to market efficiently and effectively. We’ve developed a white paper that expands on what ACE is and how it works. Here’s a preview:

  • The Sprint, Run, Jog Construct – brands need to be prepared to produce up-to-the minute content for breaking news or crisis management and at the same time produce regular, daily content.
  • Is your team ready? – orchestrating an editorial process requires a newsroom mentality. To get results content teams need to comprise of creative, strategists and analysts who create liquid content that flows the way your brand needs it to.
  • ROPE℠: Report Once, Publish Everywhere – Consider a traditional news outlet, when a story is developed a reporter is sent, and likely a camera man/crew. The story is reported on once and the format, length, depth and method of distribution are adapted based on the channel and/or segment of audience. In fact the same “report” on one story may have different story lead-ins for different placement and even social sharing. ACE puts in place ROPE, which Pace developed from the expertise of finding the story and to “report once, publishing everywhere.”
  • Creating Results – using the ACE model can help your brand attain agility with multiple tracks and channels of content. It considers all parts and pieces of the process and works as a cohesive process, and with the organizing principles in place it generates positive ROI.


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