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Planning & Measuring Campaigns Playbook [White Paper]

sysomos_planning_playbook_coverBest Practices for Utilizing Social Insights to Plan and Measure Campaigns

Social media campaigns can be challenging to plan, measure and execute. Despite how common they now are for marketers, many brands and agencies still execute social campaigns based on a ‘we think’ strategy vs ‘we know’ strategy. However with billions of data points coming from social media, it’s foolish not to take advantage of an opportunity to plan, execute and measure campaigns based on actionable social media insights.

In the Planning and Measuring Campaigns Playbook, we cover tips, strategies, and tactics for ensuring that when you develop a social media campaign actionable data is at the heart of it from beginning to end.

What’s Inside:

  • How to set the right campaign goals
  • Utilizing paid social media for support
  • Effective campaign research tips
  • Developing a campaign launch plan
  • Validating your approach with follow up reporting

To learn how to do all of this and more, simply fill out the form to download the playbook.


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