Statista Content Marketing Compass 2022 – the most important studies in one paper

Following the overwhelmingly positive response to our “Content Marketing Compass 2021,” we would like to present and summarize the results and trends from the most important content marketing studies for 2022 as well.

This year we will address the central theme of social media, which has steadily gained importance over the past few years and next to websites now represents the most relevant content marketing channel.

Other topics include:

  • Budgets – their distribution and their development during the pandemic
  • Measuring success – not a question of “if,” but “how”
  • Trends and challenges

With a market of approximately €10 billion encompassing the production and distribution of content and growing by an average of 8% annually, we are now talking about truly relevant budgets that need to be allocated effectively and efficiently.

In doing so, this “Content Marketing Compass 2022” is intended to support you: It summarizes insights about the current trends in content marketing with a focus on social media and provides concrete tips and checklists to help you succeed.