A Real-time Marketers Toolset [White Paper]

Content marketing teams today are challenged with a need to create compelling content that creates a better user experience, while increasing time spent on site and pageviews consumed. Yet, we live in an attention economy where consumer expectations have evolved to expect immediacy and personalization.

The future of online publishing is all about understanding what readers want in the moment. Real-time marketing means leveraging machine learning technology to serve up readers’ individual preferences in real time. Anything less and you will lose your audience.

This tool-set for content marketers includes prescriptive advice on:

  • How personalization at scale can be achieved with AI
  • Why extending your content lifecycle with machine learning will improve the customer experience.
  • The reason why legacy segmentation based on profiles is a dated approach and why behavioral signals matter more.
  • The power of continuous A/B testing through augmented intelligence


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