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Modern DAMs bring Breakthrough Return on Asset Value

Recent breakthroughs in AI, cloud computing, microservices, and predictive analytics have made it possible to correlate digital asset usage reliably and securely with business and behavioral outcomes at scale. For the first time, creatives, brand managers, marketers, and executives can draw a straight line between successful campaigns and the specific digital assets that performed e.g., digital asset impact in context where it matters most – in production.

With tailored, role-based insights, Creatives know where to invest their time, Licensors can set and defend premium fees, Brand Managers can apply winning elements across campaigns and geographies, Marketers know where to double down in media buys, and Executives can rest easy in the knowledge that they can demonstrate proof of value across the board.

This whitepaper introduces the central role of these newfound Asset Impact metrics and KPIs, the underlying technologies that they rely upon, and, last but certainly not least, the long-term risks stemming from legacy DAM platforms that conflate workflow efficiency and pipeline velocity with modern data-driven, impact-centered digital asset management.