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Messaging & Positioning Framework

Cutting-edge marketers know that it’s not enough to merely send a one-size-fits-all welcome campaign—it should be a strategic, personalized series of messages that engage each subscriber and set the tone for the entire customer journey.

Every interaction a customer has with you, your product, or company will influence how they view you. Capturing the right intel on your market, competitors, and your own company will influence your company’s success. However, without organizing and taking action market insights are just headlines.

Make sure your Go-to-Market teams are equipped with the messaging they need to Differentiate, create value, and compete intelligently in your market. By using this template you can:

  • Focus your Go-to-Market strategies around common themes
  • Provide a centralized source of truth for messaging
  • Align sales and marketing around key differentiators and positioning

Take advantage of Kompyte’s free template and guide to understand how to differentiate your messaging with competitive intelligence.


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