The Extra 1%: Delivering a memorable content experience

Your customers expect memorable, unique content experiences. However, most companies fail to fulfill these expectations, leaving behind a trail of unhappy and unsatisfied customers.

Today’s consumer has their pick of the litter. Meaning, there are more than enough companies for them to do business with. And it’s getting harder and harder for companies to stay relevant. Reportedly 50% of the S&P 500 will disappear by 2027.

Not only do your customers know this, but they’re going to leverage it. And as they do their research, your brand will either fulfill an expectation — or not.

In years prior, overcoming this obstacle entailed finding bright and shiny ways for marketers to make their business stand out in a crowd. Traditional marketing strategies leveraged SEO blog posts, geolocation pages, paid advertising and more with the ultimate goal being that your company’s content showed up everywhere and anywhere.

But, unfortunately, that content falls a little flat. All for one simple reason: It wasn’t personalized enough — it didn’t offer an experience that your customer found relatable, inspiring or memorable.

Because while a geolocation page is, in fact, based on a prospective customer’s physical location and likely features some sort of familiar points of reference, it doesn’t necessarily provide the tailored information your customer wants and needs.

They want a content experience: they don’t want to be upsold or treated like the Average Joe or Jane. Because, to them, experiential content highlights your brand’s ability to go above and beyond — delivering the extra 1% — and providing them with a memorable, dependable experience.