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The Iterable Cross-Channel Campaign Cookbook

6 Recipes for Marketers Craving Customer Engagement

Catering to the changing tastes of consumers has always been a tall order for marketers, but the advancements of technology have opened new, modern ways to engage customers en masse. Your customers are cross-channel by nature and are expecting you to cater to their tastes.

Inside our cross-channel recipe book, we’ve deconstructed six popular lifecycle campaigns down to their core ingredients. We walk you through the key instructions needed to recreate and adapt your own versions to fit your brand’s unique growth strategy.

Download this guide for:

  • Learning how to coax additional engagement out of your lifecycle strategy
  • Refining key marketing campaign objectives to grow cross-channel engagement
  • Best practices on taking your campaign messaging across new channels
  • Pro tips for kicking your marketing campaigns up a notch


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