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Agile Marketing Framework:

centerline_agile_coverHow to Be Rapid and Responsive with Valuable Content

Your audience – they’re changing. So is the content they expect to see and the channels they’re communicating on.

So, how do you know where to invest? How do you know when to shift your own strategy? How do you kickstart content creation to keep up with your ever-changing audience?

Using the fundamentals of an Agile Marketing Framework, you can create meaningful, valuable content and address changes as they come. To help foster this new way of thinking, we created this free ebook, which includes exercises for you and your team to complete. We’ve also included examples from brands that have not only embraced this new reality, but are developing innovative solutions and opportunities for their audiences through agile marketing.

This ebook addresses the following challenges:

  • Creating relevant content
  • Keeping up with the speed of the market and your audience
  • Developing a process to create optimized content
  • Putting data to work with your content strategy


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